“Good posture is essential for good health.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

Growing up, I was one of Cathy Rigby’s greatest fans. I consistently kept in touch with her to request her autograph but never got it. I had it made up in my mind to be as great as she was one day! I would one day be incredible as her, so at long last, after much challenging, my folks enabled me to take part with the tumbling group at school when I was a pre-adolescent. I adored it. It was heaps of tumbling drills on legitimate stance and I struggled but you would never know that it was a struggle.

The coach would yell, “Stand up straight and put a curve in that back!.” Little did the coach know I was born with a sideways curvature of the spine, called scoliosis a cause unknown. I can hear the coach saying at a tumbling meet, “You got this Cheers, follow through, straighten that back!”

I didn’t assume I was a naturally conceived gymnast, and it felt great to improve at by practicing all the time to show signs of improvement each time I committed an error.

In the end, I understood that I could never be Cathy Rigby, but I did try and I was Valerie Cheers who did her best and ended great! Being born with a disability of scoliosis did not stop me, yet I got to a point that gymnastics with the best possible stance/posture didn’t feel so awkwardly ungainly—it felt normal and standing up straight made the pain go away.

Stance/Posture matters. I was brought into the world with scoliosis and was advised I would not have the capacity to do things like tumbling or rec center, in any case, I did by doing it and kept at it until I got good as Cathy Rigby! I know she would have been proud of me. What’s more, by being dynamic in this sport influenced me to make sure to stand up straight and I accept that God spared my life as I get more established in age enduring with scoliosis and am not as awful as the specialists said I would be at my age at the present time. I got so great that the coach let me know and my folks that the Olympics needed to come and see me at one of our tumbling meets!

Your heart is made up for lost time in the experience existing apart from everything else, which makes your body react ostensibly. We were altogether made as all-encompassing humans with brains, feelings, and bodies all working together with each other to communicating how important wellbeing is for us to live long lives.

Tumbling requested a great stance/posture – “Straight is Great.” Gymnasts are both effortless and amazing. A gymnast must have a straight back and bears just as have the capacity to move quickly into each new position or stance. The ordinary gymnastic practice empowers adaptability and the conditioned muscles required for right stance.

Anybody with back torment realizes it turns what should be neglectful movement—strolling, standing, sitting—into gritted-teeth demonstrations of will. The torment influences us to reshape in manners that give transitory alleviation yet, at last, sustain the issue. And keeping in mind that drugs calms the delegate of torment, it does nothing to address the message.

The heart needs comparable exercise, yet there’s additional. While the will alone may be sufficient to change pose in the body, the will is the beginning spot in the inward life. It’s there to surrender oneself to God, and God changes the heart.

I express this to state that God gives us diversions on the off chance that we use them in the best possible approach to help improve our wellbeing. Regardless of whether we use them is up to us!

“God eagerly desires to displace our anxiety with peace, distraction with presence, our heaviness with his light burden. He wants uprightness for us not because he is a perfectionist, but because He loves to see his children walking and worshipping in freedom.”

Here are twenty quotes I still live by and hope you will listen to them reminding you good posture makes for great wellbeing: “Straight Is Great!”

  1. “Sit up straight, listen and participate.” – Pat Summit
  2. “Your task is to sit up straight, not to be held straight.” – Marcus Aurelius
  3. “Your Posture Now Determines Your Portion Later.” – Bradley Cooper
  4. “Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control.” – Joseph Pilates
  5. “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.” – Helen Keller
  6. “Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up.” – Unknown
  7. “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” – Honest Abe
  8. “Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances.” – Maya Angelou
  9. “The quickest way to change your emotional state is to change your body.” – Tony Robbins
  10. “Know your powers. The power of your words, your silence, your mind, your body language and your body itself. Control them.” – Sonya Teclai
  11. “A strong confident person can rule the room with knowledge, personal style, attitude and great posture.” – Cindy Ann Peterson
  12. “When you are walking in purpose, you collide with destiny.” – Chris Widener
  13. “Mere physical sitting is not enough. You have to sit carefully and attentively. Let your body and breathing sit. Let your mind and emotions sit. Let your blood circulation sit. Let everything sit. Then your sitting becomes indestructible, immovable.” – Taizan Maezumi
  14. “I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children.” – Sting
  15. “Postural exercises such as yoga, pilates and martial arts are about avoiding pain and injury as much as helping you feel good. Attractive men and women have good posture.” – Liz Miller
  16. “Good posture and an attitude let you get away with anything.” – Lorna Landvik
  17. “Good posture is the one most important thing anybody can do now to look better.” – Helen Gurley Brown
  18. “Never slouch, as doing so compresses the lungs, overcrowds other vital organs, rounds the back, and throws you off balance.” – Joseph H. Pilates
  19. “Expanding your body language—through posture, movement, and speech—makes you feel more confident and powerful, less anxious and self-absorbed, and generally more positive.” – Amy Cuddy
  20. “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” – Morihei Ueshiba

And let’s not forget, “Of all the things you wear, your posture is the most important.”

So there you have it, 2019’s list of quotes to motivate you to sit straight and stand tall reminding you great posture makes for great wellbeing, “Straight Is Great!”


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    I am a proud mother, grandmother, published author, Advocate for The Children's Health Defense (child advocate),  well-being & health awareness, Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack inventor &  God introduced me to alkaline water in 2010 while I changed my water & changed life in 2010, no longer needing prescription drugs, only God's healing foods, plants, & trees instead prescription drugs. 17 published research papers at Academia.edu in over 3000 published books, famous authors, and cited in research journals all over the world,  few of my papers have been mentioned over 900 times from all over the world by famous authors, research papers authors of academia.edu,  My passion is writing ages 0-100 inspirational stories, researching finding out truths, and advocating for them to be heard. I am also a contributing writer for both Thrive Global and Sivana East!  I am an inventor of a first of its kind product, The Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack,  in the world which is presently being sold all over the world with over 200 investors, Activelifeusa.com partnering with us so can be purchased in the USA which is the 1st of a kind backpack addressing posture health awareness and when the good posture, good well being.  I have written hundreds of blogs published on how to improve the health & wellbeing for both children & adults.  I share my story of how I got myself off of disability and out of poverty to not having to worry ever again how or when I can travel around the world meeting my new friends & business colleagues!  I am working effortlessly using my God-given purpose of serving others, giving my work away to the universe,  waiting to see where God & my hard work takes me.  I love writing & researching and have written hundreds of motivational & inspirational stories & blogs.  I have hundreds of short stories that will be turned into a series of books one day!