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Having not won a gold medal since 1912, the underdog British rowing team was competing in the Olympics yet again

But this year they only had one goal in mind:

Make the boat go faster.

As they prepared and practiced, every single decision that needed to be made was matched to this question. 

“Do I eat a hamburger today?”

          Will it make the boat go faster?

“Should I stay up to watch this movie?”

         Will it make the boat go faster?

“Do I workout today?”

         Will it make the boat go faster?

That single focused goal got them all the way to Olympic Gold that year.

(True Story, you can learn about it HERE)

So what the heck does that mean for you?

That guru you love that has a new program, a podcast, a mastermind, a weekly live show, a retreat, a best selling book and a new line of supplements? 

They didn’t start there.

They didn’t get there by doing “all the things”. 

They built the empire brick by brick. 

  • One Goal 
  • One Product
  • One Audience 
  • One Message
  • One Channel


They kept doing that. 

They did it over and over and over again until it took off. 

We gotta step back and remember that we are catching a glimpse of them at the latter part of their journey.

In the full glory of their success. 

Let this be permission for you to drop the hustle.

To stop filling your plate with “all the things”. 

You want to see progress? You want to reach success?

Strip down to the essential. 

  • Identify the most important goal for your business this year. 
  • What is the one product that will get you there? 
  • What is the one audience that benefits the most from that product?
  • What is the one message that speaks to this audience?
  • What is the best channel to reach them at?

And any other thing that comes your way…

Any new idea…

Any new opportunity…

Ask yourself this single question “Will it make the boat go faster?”

Still figuring out what to do with your boat?

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