All around the world, language is the universal communicator for humans. We spread and share information through our languages, and in doing so, we create a globalized world, but language, much like anything else, isn’t always the easiest to interpret. We classify and group ourselves in this world to try and help better understand ourselves and each other, but what exactly does this classification bring us?

            When we think of the word ‘community,’ there’s a vague understanding, but putting that into words is much easier said than done. Even by definition, the term ‘community’ is somewhat difficult to grasp as a concept, but there’s an understanding of its value. Fortunately, Albert Nichols, A CDO with a specialization in project management, has come up with a concrete definition of this perplexing word that is unclear yet easily understood. Nichols is an experienced Entrepreneur, and with his experience in both business and project management, he has begun to speak up about the subject of communities and their importance.

            In an article he published, Nichols describes a community as “A group of people with a commonality who engage with each other in spaces of interaction.” While this might sound a little complicated, Nichols breaks it down further by explaining the process of how to identify what makes a community in the first place. Communities are broken up into three core components, people, activities, and spaces. By breaking down the core of the word community into three parts, we are better able to divide and conquer on understanding the word.

            He explains that each key component of a community must be understood to form a community. If we examine the components a little close, we come to understand a bit more about what is required for success. People united by commonality, for example, can take on a variety of different meanings. Beliefs, goals, and interests can be grounds for commonality, but it is essential for a community’s formation. When examining the activities, we must understand that actions are measured by motivation rather than the medium used to perform them. This distinction is also paramount to a community’s survival and formation. Even with all of this information, you might be wondering what exactly the point of this whole definition is.

            Nichols believes that communities are linked directly to business inextricably, and realistically what are companies more than merely a community of individuals working toward a similar goal. He explains that these communities are integral to success stories with companies in the business world. Because of these communities, we continue to thrive as a society. This topic is the primary focus of Nichols’s blog, ‘Community and Business,’ on which he discusses the idea behind communities, how to define and create them, and why they are so heavily influential in the business world.

            With this blog, the potential for learning and understanding the importance and power of communities will be a crucial element of the content. Nichols hopes to educate and explain how communities can help lead others to success regardless of their mission.