In simple terms, stress is the mechanism of our body to fight back danger or any discomfort situation. But what if this stress is causing your discomfort more than the situation?

STRESS has become a part and parcel of our lives which seems to encounter us on a usual streak. After surviving through a pandemic, we have also witnessed a major hike in stressors. Though is this avoidable? Can we overpower the stress that comes around?

If we go back to the golden age, stress has been a constant factor in the day-to-day. The movements like the “Angry Young Man Movement” were one of the major reactions to the political and economic tension that groped numerous people across the globe. Though the fact remains that the ones that are portrayed are the novelists and playwrights. Similarly, the faces had been different, but stress did exist. 

Today, due to the modern lifestyle with the pinch of the dramatic decrease in exercises while upheaval of unhealthy factors is raging. And due to the striving competition to even exist as a normal person has certain untold bars, it becomes impossible to trash the stress. 

The stressors could be a result of end number of things. Though the best yet commonly known reasons are as follows:

  1. During the phase of career over every trivial factor.
  2. Family issues.
  3. Lack of the basic necessities to even survive daily. 
  4. Shifting from one region to another. 
  5. Stepping out of your comfort zone in any aspect of life. 
  6. Relationships, marriage, kids, and divorce issues.
  7. Abortion or termination of pregnancy.
  8. Excessive exposure to overcrowding, pollution, and so on.
  9. Anxiety due to various things.
  10. Uncertainty of anything related to you.
  11. Chronic illness like breast cancer, or any other type of cancer.
  12. Bereavement. 

And the list goes on. 

As you can see, stress can occur from the most minimalist aspect of life to any major incident in our lives. Though the major question to address is

“Are stress harmful?”

Stress is categorized into two broad categories that assist you to welcome the best range of answers here. 

  • Positive Stress

Positive stress helps you to perform or deal better with the situation in various ways. 

  • Negative Stress

Negative stress can lead to more damage and uncontrollable stage of the situation that can act as a demerit for you. 

For instance, the stress that gropes you before an interview or examination can either act beneficial for you to perform or can turn out to be disastrous. Hence, the answer is the prominent hack of dealing with stress depends and varies from individual to individual.

As the fact remains that stress can be positive, emotional, and negative. Thus, to figure out the same, one needs to understand oneself. The study of psychology inhibits the meaning of understanding one’s emotions and thought process to deal with them in better ways. 

Some of the mental stress hacks or management techniques that can help you deal with various factors are as follows:


The vital aspect that needs consideration is the fact of inculcating 30 mins of exercising in your daily life can solve numerous mental, emotional, and physical stress. 

Exercising is a thoughtful technique to always ponder over when things go beyond your control. 


Alcohols, caffeine, and drugs are some of the factors people consider effective in terms of the prevention of stress. This is one of the dangerous misconceptions people behold. 

The need to have a strong basis of principles that objects oneself from consuming such substances is a sign of wise. Because these substances can worsen the situation. 


Heavy breathing is a commonly used technique that helps the majority of people. Until and unless you try it, you won’t know its benefit in the first place. 


Once you excel in managing your time, stressors decrease to a great extent. The more organized you become, the better you can act and survive at times. Hence, journaling, check-lists, to-do lists, and so on can be very helpful in such circumstances. 

Especially if you have someone in your house who is going through some chronic health treatment, like breast cancer treatment, it is vital to nail the possibility effectively. 


Taking the matter out of your mind through words that are bothering you can assist you in several ways. The more you encourage yourself the better you can work towards making an ideal choice of life without the benefit of the doubt.


By hobby, we don’t mean that you engross in some art classes. But rather work towards making the right choice of a time investment when it is a break time for you. As listening to music, playing video games, can also act as a great way of stress-buster in a short period.

Mindfulness and awareness of one’s body and emotions are necessary to gain better exposure to life. 

So, stress can either be a boon or a curse depending upon your coping capabilities which can be changed accordingly as per your interest.