Everyone listens and vibes with music in order to get through their stressful lives. It is a remedy to the stresses of people that have to endure a 9-5 job and the people that hate what they are currently doing. While some people have a passion for listening to music, others have a passion for actually creating the music and having the satisfied feeling of knowing that their music is being listened to by millions. There is one man that I met that fits this criterion and he goes by the name Insyde (@insyde on Instagram). His passion since the day he was born was to create and make music in order to bring the satisfaction for others.

 Insyde has never had an easy break in his life. Born with Asperger’s syndrome, Insyde was always perceived by society to have a disadvantage. Yet, Insyde did not see it this way and has never even thought about his disability as something that would hold him back from a passion that he loves: music. Insyde started when he was just a kid, singing at every possible moment and practicing his pitch and range to make himself better and better. Yet, as most people know, singing is only part of the equation when it comes to being successful. An artist has to produce their music, advertise it, and more. Yet, Insyde saw this as an opportunity to excel.

In his first record ever released, Insyde achieved over 1 million streams within 2 weeks of launch. Some professional artists with millions in advertising cannot even accomplish a feat like that. Also, on his SoundCloud, he has managed to achieve over 5 million streams, an impressive feat of his ability to create successful songs back to back to back. This success is something unprecedented in the industry and is something that many people have noticed and have been following closely. Insyde actually has an EP launching this summer so I myself along with millions of others are super excited to see what he has to offer!