To this day, who does not suffer from anxiety at some point? Who has not experienced the feeling of lack of control so common that it generates us on many occasions? What about your ongoing physical ailments and ailments? Anxiety is the first barrier to well-being most present in our day to day, affecting more than 40% of the world’s population.

Every employee, without exception and what he does, has as goals to grow in what he does, be a Professional Toronto Locksmith, have a raise, achieve stability, or be successful, so he works constantly, but is this really enough?

For years we have heard that successful people work long hours, dedicate themselves fully to work and even sacrifice other aspects of their lives, such as time with their family, friends or partner, and not because they do not want to live with them, but rather prioritizes work so much that the rest can go unnoticed. This, rather than helping to achieve goals, is a formula that leads directly to failure, disappointment, frustration, and other problems.

The formula

As when exercising, if we want to lose weight and increase muscle mass, the body needs a break from work or, otherwise, we will just be exhausted and without reaching our goals. In this way, the mind recovers and strengthens.

Not resting well generates the accumulation of excessive stress to which the body cannot adapt. Contrary to the idea that stress helps to work better, the body and mind deteriorate causing a stage of exhaustion (chronic stress), which damages work and especially health. However, stress is also good, if applied in the correct dosage.

If a task is below a challenge, it will make you feel like you have it in your pocket for being too easy and it will not require the effort that helps stimulate growth. Now that if it is higher, it produces the unnerving sensation of listening to your heartbeat, it will make it difficult to concentrate. You have to find the middle ground.

Don’t be multitask

Another idea to be successful is to be multitasking because it will allow you to be more productive, which is false.

Our brains are not computers and even for those who claim to multitask, brain imaging scanners have revealed that they cannot be in two tasks at the same time with a high level of quality.

When doing several tasks at the same time, the brain allocates only a part of the cognitive capacity to each one, leaving as a consequence a low quality and, ironically, it takes up to 40% of the productive time of the person and although it seems that it is done twice of things, it is not even half.

It also causes poor long-term memory, slowness in identifying patterns, and less efficient filtering of information.