How to reduce stress

In the new era of technology there are lots of factor which are affecting directly our stress level. Being in traffic, so much crowd and noisy environment, as well as un-tolerated people and also social media’s glorious shiny life, even if some can not be true, we compare ourself with them. Sometimes we want to same life or attending tremendous and extraordinary same events (that’s what we are thinking but that’s no true)that makes us so much consumers people like not produce something but spending lots of efforts and money. So here are some advice to prevent our stress level and save our life the things which are consuming us.

1- Indulge in Physical Activity

2- Get more sleep

3- Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine.

4- Try Relaxation Techniques

5- Talk to Someone

6- Keep a stress dairy

7- Take control

8- Manage your time

9- Learn to say NO

10- Rest if you are feel bad