Hot Bath and stress relief

Stress Relief

Stress is an undeniable part of modern life. Described as a normal part of life, The National Institute of Health goes on to explain that stress can stem from any situation or thought that brings about feelings of anger, anxiety and frustration. Stressful tension is fueled by a number of sources, such as a difficult work schedule, being stuck in traffic or worrying about an upcoming event. The unpleasant symptoms of stress are easily recognized.

While it is believed that a small amount of stress can actually aid in “rising to the occasion” in tough situations, the side-effects of too much tension can cause a person to break down both mentally and physically. This is because stress takes a toll on your mind and body, causing anxiety and depression as well as causing muscle aches, headaches and migraines. Discovering ways to relieve stress is important to your overall health, since long-term stress can weaken your immune system and also increase your vulnerability to a number of diseases like clinical depression and heart disease.

A Portable Hot Tubs an effective means of reducing stress on a daily basis. After a difficult day, a soothing dose of hydrotherapy will help work the knots out of your muscles and let your mind unwind. The warm water boosts your blood circulation, which helps reveal tension headaches and body aches.

The warm water and massage from your Inflatable Portable Hot Tub actually causes your body to produce endorphins which reduce sensations of anxiety and work like your body’s natural pain killers. Owning a portable hot tub makes it simple to take a moment to relax, shed the stress from your busy day and allow your body to be rejuvenated.

Post Workout Recovery

For those days that you when you increase your activity by adding more weight to your usual workout – or spend the afternoon digging in the gardening or cleaning out the garage – it is always nice to have a cure for sore muscles on hand. The Inflatable Spa can help your worn out muscles recuperate quickly. A combination of heat, massage and buoyancy allow your muscles to relax and benefit from a healthy dose of Hydrotherapy. In sports medicine, doctors advise athletes to use hydrotherapy after a strain. According to Steven J. Karageanes, the author of Principles of Manual Sports Medicine, hot tubs “treat injuries and aid in the rehabilitation of the athlete.”

After a tough workout or other strenuous type of activity, a soak in an inflatable spa can help to:

1. Reduce the swelling and other symptoms of muscle strains, sprains and injuries.

2. Naturally increase blood flow and circulation to help clear cell waste that occurs during workout (causing the familiar ache attributed to lactic acid) out of muscles.

3. Alleviate back pain.

4. Soothe arthritis pain and stiffness after increased activity.

5. Restore the range of motion to joints affected by soreness or arthritis.

Relax your entire body into a more calm and peaceful state with a Inflatable Spa. Powerful jets help to massage out the tension and soreness—or help re-energize your body to finish out a busy day.