stress relief

Do you work more than 35 hours/week?

Most people do. And you need to for basic living expenses.

However, such a lifestyle come with stress. After all, the work itself isn’t the only activity that stresses us out…

There’s the commuting, which takes up another 5-10 hours of our week.

Then there’s home management, dealing with emergencies, and worrying about family (if you have any).

This can be too much if you lack the necessary coping mechanisms. And it may push you to negative habits, specifically addictions.

But no worries. Today, we’ll show you 4 ways to recharge after a long work day.

Follow the tips below, and a more relaxed life!

#1 – Take a Warm Bath.

It’s easy to feel better about yourself when you’re clean.

In fact, it’s easy to feel less stressed when you (and your environment) are well-taken care of.

Thus, the first thing you should do after getting back from work is to take a bath. And if that doesn’t suffice, then try a shower!


Beyond the cleansing, warm water is perfect for relaxing your muscles. This makes it a natural form of tension relief.

Also, you improve blood circulation. And this helps you nourish your body better, while restoring your focus.

Plus, it helps you fall asleep quick, which is our next tip…

#2 – Sleep Long Hours.

Convention has us sleeping 7 hours a night. And a stressed out individual may sleep for even lesser hours.

We don’t recommend that. You should sleep long depending on your level of exhaustion (9-10 hours if necessary).

How So?

First, to make room for more sleep, try not to delay your bed time.

After getting home from work, take a warm bath, and head straight to bed. Any fun activities you want to do should be set aside.

Long hours in bed helps you experience deep sleep frequently. And that’ll restore you for a new day of work!

Plus, it helps you catch up on sleep from long work weeks!

#3 – Try Aromatherapy.

Not all stress comes from work. Sometimes, you’re stressed due to a lack of proper nutrition.

Aromatherapy can cover up that lack. It can restore essential oils that your body needs.

And you get a relaxing scent too. And that creates an aesthetically pleasing environment that gives you more comfort!


You can use oils through home sprays. Or, you can apply them directly to your skin, and for absorption.

For an example, you can try a CBD extract.

Cannabinoid oils (like CBD Canada) contain the relaxing chemicals of marijuana, but in small doses.

This lets you consume the product without needing to smoke it. And this makes it use more versatile overall!

You can use it indoors, outdoors, at home – or even on long work shifts!

#4 – Lift Weights.

On the topic of stress, sometimes – your agony has to do with pent up energy.

That may come from a job that ruins your posture and mentally strains you. Or, it may come from a job that requires lots of socialization.

In those situations, you need to work out. You need a “getaway” from work and people.

Lifting weights helps. It gives you an expression for bottled up emotions, while building a healthy physique.

In fact – you gain many benefits that relieve stress through the gym!

Such As?

You lower your cortisol levels while burning fat. And this leads to lowered stress responses.

You also improve your hormone levels. So you can restore a sense of vitality that may have been long lost to you!

Plus, there’s the self-esteem. By frequently working out, you can build a look that makes you more positive and energetic! All of the previous pros help you better recharge, and they drive you towards a more productive lifestyle!