Let’s face it – stress is real! In fact, the World Health Organization recently categorized burnout as an official medical diagnosis, showcasing the importance of maintaining a self-care routine. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, self-care often drops to the bottom of the list. Here are some of my foolproof ways I care of myself, no matter how stressed and busy I am.

You are the company you keep. In the entertainment industry, it’s important to have a solid support system. There will be people who want things from you – whether it’s your money, your clout, your roles, your position, or to be part of your team – but it is up to you to recognize these signs and be able to stray away from them. What has worked really well for me is staying in touch with my inner circle of friends. It’s hard to trust people in the industry, and having a support system that will not only be there for the good times, but the bad times as well when you might need it most. Though we may be far apart distance-wise, I know they will always have my back. It’s also helpful to have positive role models surrounding you, like a parent or mentor. Luckily, my mom and manager are two role models in my life that help me through almost anything – I wouldn’t be where I am without their love and support.

Make time for small rituals. No matter how small, maintaining rituals is one small step to keep you grounded that makes a big difference. Right before every show I have or when I’m feeling super stressed, I do some breathing exercises. Every singer knows to sing from their diaphragm, and I use this to practice deep breathing to help calm me down. I start by breathing in through my nose then exhaling from my mouth. Instead of my chest falling and rising, I focus on my stomach going in and out. Each time I do it, I try to lengthen the time breathing in slowly and exhaling slowly by a few seconds. Some of my other small rituals include letting loose and dancing my worries, washing my face each morning and night or styling my hair into different styles like space buns or Dutch braids that help keep my spirit lifted.

Love your flaws. We all have insecurities – each and every one of us. That’s what makes us human.  In the entertainment industry, these insecurities are magnified in the news. You should always be yourself and not try to be someone else. Personally, I’m not the type of girl to follow the latest craze in fashion, hair or makeup – I think it’s really beautiful to love the skin you’re in.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when starting a self-care routine, but dive in, your body and mind will thank you for it! In the words of my inspiration, Tupac once said “Remember one thing: through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out. Keep your head up, and handle it.”