It is generally thought that the negative situations experienced under the causes of stress. Traffic, terrorist incidents, illnesses are among the known causes of stress. The surprising part is that marriage and children also stress individuals during the day. Here are other stressors that may surprise you…

Psychiatrist Psychotherapist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Stating that perceiving stress differs from person to person, stress is easy for one and can be a disaster for the other. Stress is a word we use frequently in our daily lives. When we encounter any new situation, our brain perceives it as stress and a response develops in our body and spiritual structure. Stress is beneficial as well as harmful. For example, if we are going to meet someone at a certain time, this creates stress for us. Accordingly, we leave the house and go to our appointment. Calculating how long we will be there before we go and dressing according to the weather are behaviors we do as a result of stress. Thanks to these behaviors, we meet that person on time and we are not affected by the weather conditions outside. In your life,

The brain encountering with stress is alarming!

Stating that thanks to these hormones, he has become able to fight the new situation, Dr. “When faced with a stressful situation, our brain first gives an alarm. Thanks to this alarm, we focus our attention on the situation and prepare our body. This preparation increases our resistance to the new situation. And it allows us to fight or cope with this situation. That is, we succumb to stress. To what extent we can withstand stress is related to what level it is. Stress that is easy for one can be a disaster for another.


Adolescence Period: Adolescence is one of the most critical points in human life. In this period, which is the transition period from childhood to adulthood, the adolescent becomes sensitive in many issues. It can be more sensitive and irritable. Since it will take time to adapt to changes in his body and mind, he is more vulnerable to stress. In return for this; even small problems can be difficult for him to get out of.

Marriage: In the early stages of marriage, both men and women may be more susceptible to stress. Even just before getting married; Families meeting, harmony, promise, engagement, and wedding ceremonies can all cause a different stress. Apart from this, getting used to a new house and the habits of the other person with marriage can cause stress.

New Job: A new job can cause excitement, but also stress. New friendships at work, the way the workplace works, the behavior of the boss or manager can cause stress.

Changing city: People may have to change cities for school, business or economic reasons. Even if this improvement is positive, getting used to a new city can be stressful at first. Transportation, not knowing the city well in meeting simple needs, and moving away from their relatives may expose people to stress.

Terror: Terrorist incidents that pose a danger to our country can create stress for people. Seeing those who fled from the war and took refuge in our country, witnessing terrorist incidents in the media or in person can create stress for the person. For this reason, the person may be forced, exaggerate the security issue, stay away from crowded places, disrupt their work, pay more attention to the whispers and fake news around.