Is it time for you to unplug? I mean really unplug.

Stop multi-tasking, going, and doing for awhile; just breathe and be.

We live in a world of ever growing technology which is absolutely wonderful, but it is important to remember to return to the basics now and then.

Make time to enjoy your home, or take in the scenery, or go on an outing, or a vacation, or spend time with family and friends.

Sit down and a read a book, not just for a couple of hours, but for a whole day. Or, do some creative writing, or journal, or go for a hike, bike ride, or trip.

Remember, turn off ALL your devices – cell phone, computer, T.V., and iPod.

Disconnect for at least ONE day from all the texting, social media, emailing, surfing the net, watching programs, listening to music, working, and doing. Don’t worry; it will all be there when you return.

Reconnect with nature and with your friends and family, but more importantly, with yourself.

Don’t interrupt your precious time by checking your watch, or your messages, posts, emails, stocks, and so forth.

Instead, check in with yourself and make time for what’s truly important and benefits you.

Can you do it? Can you unplug for at least one day and stick to it? You can, if you want to.

Sometimes in our busy lives it can be difficult to turn off everything and return to simplicity.

You, your friends and your family, deserve your full and undivided attention.

Sit back, shape shift with the clouds, or watch a thunderstorm roll in, or go for a walk without music, or enjoy idle time in nature or in the company of others where you aren’t having to do anything else.

Really enjoy the quality, not quantity, of time you are sharing in whatever and with whomever you are spending your time.

The benefits of unplugging are phenomenal!

You rest.

You recharge.

You reunite.

You reconnect.

You replenish.

You relax.

You are, for a moment in time, just being.

You aren’t doing, fixing, or controlling. You are mindful and hopefully benefiting from unwinding and unplugging rather than having a mind full of things other than what you are doing right in this very moment.

How can disengaging from your busy schedule and devices, and re-engaging with yourself, nature, friends, family, God (whatever you believe this to be), not be of benefit to you, your relationships, and your life?

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from unplugging from all that you do, and plugging back into the beauty, simplicity, abundance and wholeness of what life and people really have to offer you.

Ask yourself, “Is it time to unplug and reap the benefits?”

Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed, burnt out, sick, tired, unhappy, or unfulfilled, to tap into some well deserved time for you to plug back into what’s really of the essence.

You are worth every minute of your complete attention, and so are your family and friends.

Explore, have fun, rest, relax, sleep, read, walk, listen, and enjoy the simple things in life.

You deserve a break, some down time to disconnect, and then reconnect with what and whom are really important. Visit our website smileinla to know more about Larrchmonst Village Dentist.

Use these techniques to assist you gain the insight to see when you need to unplug and take time to relax and reap the benefits of doing so.