Are you struggling with your goal-setting efforts? Do you think that your life has no positive gain and advancement? At some point in our existence, we will try to strive for perfection. But, perfection is not the key to a successful life. You just need to make progress — a positive and significant one. You can do it one step at a time. No need to hurry. Remember, progress, not perfection, is the key to the best life. Slow progress is better than no progress.Most of us have some sort of goal we are trying to reach, even if we haven’t fully formulated the goal in our mind. We want to try something new, break an old habit, be successful at work or at play.

Sometimes these goals can be a bit vague in their scope without a defined path toward achieving the goal, a sort of general sense of wanting to be healthier, lower our blood pressure, manage our stress, achieve success at work or at sport, be a better friend, spouse, parent, employer, employee, athlete, student, person. When you set out to accomplish a new goal, you might start off with gusto and determination. You may be highly motivated, ready to make a change and confident it will go perfectly!

But as time goes by, reality sets in, and your goal starts to feel harder and harder to reach says Aakash Kumar Jha.

How do you make significant progress every day? Do you regret not doing an important task today? Well, you can’t turn back time, and fill your dull day with productivity. The past is immutable and fixed. Let it serve as a valuable lesson for you. After all, each and every one of us needs some improvement. Embrace your boring day, and use it to your advantage. Make it exciting by making progress! Below are some tips to make progress, and achieve your goals. After a setback, ask yourself this question: “What’s the next right move here?” Listen for the answer. It may be as simple as “drink a glass of water.” Or “sleep on it.” Or “you need some chips and hummus. Like, a lot of chips and hummus.”

Sometimes the next right move is taking a break to gain a fresh perspective. Go for a run. Work out. Dance. Meditate. Take some space. Call a trusted, experienced, and supportive friend.

We cannot control what people say about us. The only things we can control are our responses to these remarks. It’s true that most people are having a difficult time dealing with harsh feedbacks and comments. They think of it as a validation of who and what they are.

People who make progress in life know how to handle even the craziest, most painful comments.

Perfection sounds like-

●“I have only one shot at this. If I fail/lose/get rejected, it means I suck and I should quit.”

● “It’s either ALL or NOTHING. IF I can’t get everything I want now, what’s the point?”

● “If I fail, I’m done. I can’t go on.”

Progress, on the other hand, sounds like-

● “I’ll take as many shots as I can. I’ll learn from every attempt. I’ll get stronger and better.”

● “I’ll start small and simple now, then iterate and evolve over time.”

● “Failure is an event, not a characteristic.”

They say that there is no such thing as perfect. There is the need to strive for progress, not perfection. We sometimes perceive this as a very melodramatic line, but it’s true. At some point in our lives, we find ourselves running after something that is not even real. We forget to cherish our own progresses and achievements, no matter how big or small.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, it’s a much bigger mistake to procrastinate and stay the same. Life is much more fulfilling when you’re striving to improve yourself every day. Life is a series of challenging decisions. Make one mistake, then your life can change forever. In order to make progress, you must make the best decisions possible.

Born in Delhi, Aakash developed his skills and abilities to achieve significant milestones by the age of 16. And this year, at the age of 17, his Bollywood debut will be released. He not only is a positive person himself but spreads this positivity to the youth.