This time in our lives right now is so difficult, so I wanted to reach out to the parents out there in the trenches with me. Since COVID-19 has started changing the way our daily life happens, I’ve been trying to stay positive. Positive parenting can be a challenge, especially during these times. Things have been really hard lately, not just for me, but for other parents as well. It is hard for our kids, our spouses, our relationships, and for us. But we have to stay strong for our kids and for each other. The truth is that we are stronger together. I wanted to write this blog to let other parents out there know that I see you and I know how hard you are working to help your children adjust. 

I have had a hard time adjusting to this new normal, and I think it is okay to say that. I don’t want to show a perfectly curated view of what it is like for mothers right now because life is far from perfect. I am worried, and that is okay. I’m worried about my children, husband, elderly in-laws, my elderly mother, firefighter brother, and nurse friends. If I’m being honest, I’m worried about our world right now. I know anxiety thrives on this uncertainty. I created the Magical Order of Brave Knights to try and help kids who suffer from these same everyday fears. I have been trying to practice more positive parenting these days. I am the voice of calm and reason for my children and my mother. I am remaining positive for my family, so they can feel a sense of calm. 

It’s true that as a parent, there are a lot of responsibilities that fall on us. This is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. My youngest son has chronic medical conditions. He has been struggling with them for the past year. Thankfully, we feel like we are on the right track to eliminate some of his chronic pain. The downside is his doctor has put him on an elimination diet. For three weeks, we have to limit what he is eating. I bring this up because it is another thing I have to add to my family’s daily needs. I have to help them adjust to this new normal, in addition to the other adversities we are facing. The first thing to know about parenting 101 is that your family comes first.

I know there are lots of parents out there struggling right now. It’s hard to practice positive parenting, but I want you to know that you aren’t alone. I see you. I see those moms out there worrying about diapers for their baby. I see those parents with special needs kids that are having their whole routine thrown out the window. I appreciate all those parents in the medical field that are sacrificing for us. I see you all. I know you are working so hard and I want to applaud your efforts. I know this will pass and we will adapt. If we come together, then we can overcome this terrible virus. There is no absolute way to raise a child, but I know we are all trying our best. When you are having a hard time, just know that I am standing right beside you until this is over.

Remember to stay strong, stay safe, and stay home.

-Colleen Marchi


  • A dedicated mom of three boys with a master’s degree in psychology.  She has been through it all!  Years of sleep deprivation and exhaustion brought Colleen to her knees, but it was also the inspiration behind the writing of her first book in a series.  It was her drive and determination to help other moms and young children that led to the creation of Sir William the Brave Knight.  A quick-witted classic Irish Las who can weave a tale where everything becomes a funny story to be retold with friends!