So you launched your offer!! 

Amazing!  So exciting – celebrate!

Now you wait for people to click the buy button…

Well you launched it right?  

But you haven’t talked to anyone about it.  You haven’t personally invited to it.  You haven’t posted about it to your communities, to Facebook groups or even talked about this on your Instagram stories.

Hate to break it to you, but simply launching and posting one isn’t going to create a sold-out launch! (Unless you have been around for a while!)

If you feel that you have done everything in your power to sell the s*** out of our offer and you still don’t know what you should be doing to sell our your offers, I have two things you need to start doing right now!

1.)  Audit yourself with your promo posts.

Take a look back at your week.  How many times have you posted your newest offer?  Where have you posted it?  How are you talking about it? Are you inviting to it personally?  Are people seeing your offer?
If you aren’t “selling” every day, you will not sell out your offers. 

By selling every day, this doesn’t mean to spam message or be very spammy in your posts to post on your Facebook page every day.  Here’s an example of what I mean:

Monday – sell on your personal FB page
Tuesday – sell to your email list
Wednesday – sell inside your Facebook group
Thursday – sell on your IG stories
Friday – sell on your FB biz page

Look how easy and NOT spammy that is!  You are getting the word out to your audience more and more.  This is how you are going to get your audience to buy!  Consistently showing up every day and sell, sell, sell!

2.)  Consistency.  Again audit yourself.

How frequently are you posting content across all of your social media channels?  Go back the last month briefly and think to yourself, “Have you shown up every day to your audience?  Have you consistently provided value to your audience?  Did you take a break for a week because you didn’t feel like showing up?”

Our businesses work in cycles of 90 days (sometimes faster!).  This means we need to consistently show up for 90 (!) days to see the fruits of our labor.  So can you honestly ask yourself truly, “Have I been showing up consistently for 90 days?  What about 60 or even 30 days?”  If you truly can’t say that you have, then this is where you need to change. 

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So because your offer isn’t selling, this doesn’t always mean that you don’t know your ideal client or that your offer isn’t great.  It could simply be you aren’t talking about it ENOUGH.

Start showing up consistently every day and SELL every day also.  If this isn’t working after 30 days, THEN try to see if it’s something else.  Without trying to show up consistently for a week or more, we don’t know what the real cause is.

Hope this has helped you gained some clarity! 


  • Lauren Najar

    Business Coach

    Lauren Najar is a Business Coach based in Chicago.  Lauren works with struggling service based entrepreneurs who are looking to sign consistent clients.  She also specializes in creating business and marketing strategies for her clients to maximize their visibility and alignment with ideal clients. In her free time, Lauren Najar is  trying out a new workout class or running, checking out new restaurants or catching a Chicago Cubs game.