In the recent studies, this has been observed that there is a huge gap in the ratio of supply and demand of the JavaScript talent to the market. The young students who are willing to learn the programming languages have said that they want to learn and expert the Ruby and Python. Their passion and interest to learn Ruby and Python over JavaScript will help them to become a good professional in this field. Whereas the students learning software development by using the JavaScript will have some great opportunities ahead of them, as there is a huge number of jobs for the Computer Science graduates in the market. As with the increase in the number of companies entering the field of development, there is an improvement in the quality of work and process that is being used to developing software or an application.

Software Development Companies need the professionals that can work on the latest technologies to provide the best services and assistance to the clients and the users. In this competitive world, where every software company is trying to become the leader of their field, it is a basic requirement for the company to hire good and capable professionals that can work on big and complex projects to earn their company more profit and respect in the market as it is important for a company to attain a good level or a standard in the eyes of users to become the best among the rest.

The students that are getting trained in the field of software development and learning various programming languages have JavaScript at number 3 in their wish list of which languages they want to learn. Thus, this shows that how JavaScript despite being demanded by the companies has lost its popularity among the young students. There are various reasons that make Python and Ruby much more popular. The use of Python by the software companies for the development of software has attracted the young aspirants of software development, as this has influenced their thought process and thinking in this way that they only think that through learning and getting their command on Python they can achieve better in their career. But the fact seems unknown to them that there is a demand for JavaScript professionals in the market. And this unawareness has caused a huge amount of young students and software development aspirants getting more concerned about learning the Python and Ruby than the JavaScript.

Basically, everything changes with time. The demand of time is the major thing as there was a time when the people were so much interested and passionate to learn and expertise the C and C++. As earlier there was the demand of the professionals with these skill sets in the companies but as the technology has improved, the change in the requirement for the professional in the companies also changed. And due to the demand of professionals known to the other latest programming languages in today’s market, the craze for the skill set of Python and Ruby is more than JavaScript. The companies are also working on latest and advanced technology because to deliver the best they need to develop the best to their clients and users. The use of JavaScript has become an efficient and prominent way of developing software or writing codes whereas Ruby and Python are some latest programming languages that are also used to provide the best output to the users.

The programming languages have gained such popularity in the market because of their user-friendly interface and efficient working process. The compilation of programs that are written by using a language should be quite fast and reliable. Hence, the programming language with high performance in comparison to the other programming languages is more suitable to use. And in this advanced and fast-growing world, everyone wants to perform better and efficiently and the use of a programming language in developing the software and applications results in the software and the applications to deliver high performance.

Therefore, the software with high performance, user-friendly interface, updated features, and tools are the one that is expected by the users and this kind of software can be developed by using programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and Python development. The ultimate satisfaction rate of any software can be improved if the software is developed by using the best and suitable programming language in accordance to the type of function or task that is required to carry on the specific software or application. Thus, these are some reasons due to which the programming languages are very much famous among the professionals as well as the young aspirants.

As we all know that JavaScript has been that one language that is being used by the developers for developing various web applications and software and therefore, it is one of the most demanded skill set that is required for a graduate or a fresher that is going to start his/her career in this field. But there are many students that are unaware of this fact and they are not acquiring the knowledge about the JavaScript and also are not training themselves on this. In fact, they are interested in learning the other programming languages like Ruby and Python that are not demanded in comparison to the JavaScript.

Literally, there are more jobs for the JavaScript professionals in the market but still, the students are getting trained in other languages. This has been seen that during an interview when a Computer Science Graduate or a candidate is asked a question related to the basics of the JavaScript, he/she was not having the suitable answer or the even the computer science graduation are not known to the basics of the JavaScript. There are also some cases where the candidate is known to the basics of the JavaScript but is not familiar to the type of frameworks of JavaScript that are required or there is a need for the candidate to work on such frameworks as they are there while working on software development projects. Hence, it becomes key for the students to understand the need of hour and acquire the skills and knowledge that will help them in excelling in their career.


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