The food we eat gives our body the information and materials it needs to function properly. If we do not obtain the correct information, our metabolic processes suffer and our health can be affected. If we consume too much food that sends incorrect instructions to our body, we can suffer from overweight or malnutrition and the risk of developing diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.
Probably there is no other nation that loves soups as much as Russia. There are many delicious types for all seasons. Try cooking some!

1. Borsch

It is the most famous and most popular soup in Russia. Only by knowing how to cook it is considered that the woman is a good wife. Of course, it is said in jest but it is true that everyone around here likes this tasty soup. It is prepared on the basis of broth (chicken, pork or veal), add potatoes, carrots, and beetroot that gives the red color to the dish. You can add other vegetables and the taste of each soup is different. Each chef has good imagination creating his soup as a work of art! You can also prepare it at home, the recipe is very easy. But before we recommend you try the Borsh in a Russian restaurant or in a Russian house, noticing the secrets of the preparation to surprise your guests at home.

2. Solyanka

Some people like this soup more than Borsh! Solyanka is a special soup. Solyanka recipe is prepared based on broth, with different types of meat or sausages, different vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, olives, etc. There are many ways to prepare it. The lemon is also added!

3. Ukha

It is a delicious fish soup. Preparing ukha is like creating a work of art. The dish appeared in ancient times with the habit of fishing. To this day Russian cuisine continues with the ancient recipe to prepare a soup of fresh fish. You can also cook it in the boiler in the open fire. In that case, Ukha will have the smell of smoke! It is eaten in accompaniment with Russian vodka. Are you interested in trying your fishing efforts? Try it!

4. Pelmeni

They are small balls of dough stuffed with meat. It is cooked and served with different sauce flavors: cream of the cream, mushroom sauce, tomatoes, and are also rich only with butter or mayonnaise.

You can prepare them by hand (in that case they will be richer) or make them and cool them and then you can cook them quickly. They are jokingly called “student food” because it’s quick and easy, but it’s actually a work of art made by hand with rich flavor and different sauces!

5. Blini (pancakes)

It is the typical Russian dessert and the recipe is very old. More than a thousand years ago they already knew how to prepare blinis (crepes or pancakes) Blinis have to be very thin and that is considered the perfect work of the cook. And believe me, it’s not easy to do it! Blini are made of white flour with eggs and milk, served with butter, cream of the cream, honey, salmon, pure potatoes and mushrooms, with jam (varenye) of berries etc.

Initially, blini were prepared for the Russian called Maslenitsa. The name of the party comes from the Russian word “maslo” which means mantequila. In the main square, they burned a straw doll that signified farewell with winter and the arrival of spring and new life. People dressed in typical Russian costumes, danced, jumped on fire, sang songs. And in each family, they prepared blinis to start a new life: rich and happy!