Without the subconscious, we humans would have great problems coping with our everyday lives. You can notice this particularly clearly if you are not yet able to carry out complex activities with your subconscious – as in this situation

For a long time, it was not clear to me how aptly the “self” words actually are, because they reveal the true nature of our thinking: we are never alone. When our conscious and subconscious minds are contradictory, this can create stress and imbalance. 

Subconscious rewiring and stress:

This is where our basic needs reside, i.e. the basic program with which we were born. These include our instincts, the hunger and recovery drive as well as prenatal imprints through the mother’s lifestyle. Innate characteristics such as the individual temperament also have a permanent place here. They influence how we think and act by making demands on our minds to satisfy needs or to put an end to unpleasant situations. These basic needs create a state of dissatisfaction, for example through hunger or loneliness, which has to be remedied. We experience turning off this state as pleasant.

On the other hand, all the lessons from the interaction with our environment reside in the subconscious, which the mind does not need consciously and therefore stores here. In the first few years of our lives, these lessons subconsciously form principles that have a decisive influence on our later actions. A lack of care from parents can lead to the perception that one is not lovable or that one should please everyone. We subconsciously unwind this basic program in times of stress.

Our longing resides in the subconscious, subconsciously and hidden, not present in everyday thinking. Our dreams and desires. Everything we have always wanted to do, feel and experience can be found here – without being aware of it. Even what we did not want to experience, but have experienced, persists here. For example bad childhood experiences, unfulfilled desire for recognition or painful borderline experiences. Parents or educators who didn’t know how to give love, violence, fear and pain. Our subconscious has stored all of this and has not forgotten any of it, even if we cannot consciously remember it. This part subconsciously tries to avoid pain and to gain joy.

Stress and the mind

He is our inner voice, our reason and the so-called clear thinking. Although it seems like we have always been endowed with it, the mind only emerges over time. After birth, we are initially controlled by instincts and reflexes. As newborns, we do not yet know the world and its peculiarities and therefore start life with the essential skills. We claim our needs immediately – for example, we scream when we are hungry. We gradually learn to interact with the world and to satisfy our desires.

With increasing experience we learn with the help of our intellect. New insights enable us to better assess the world and our place in it. Every experience becomes a lesson. From an early age, every experience is based on an essential question of the mind: how can I best survive? 

Subconscious rewiring sequence consists of three steps that are simple and effective.

1- Look at the pattern. The first step is always seeing. Seeing or looking means bringing consciousness to a previously subconscious world.

2- Adjust your focus. You can now literally rewire the subconscious thought once it is brought to light by your awareness.

Gratitude is the third step. Gratitude is similar to the water that a seed needs to sprout when the sun shines on it.

It is both awareness and gratitude that work together.

Gratitude is key to enjoying your current situation. Your current situation should make you grateful.

For deep-rooted beliefs that you are not able to reprogram on your own, an expert in the industry can help you in 45 minutes to change your beliefs. We have talked with subconscious rewiring expert, Lisa Lopez and this is her comment on stress: “Rather than treating the symptoms of stress, finding the cause of what is truly causing you stress whether that’s in your relationship, at work or something else is the key to a life filled with more peace and harmony”.  Lisa Lopez, also known as The Lisa Lopez and her expertise can be found here.