I’ve never been a great one to make resolutions perhaps because I always feel a failure when just weeks after setting them they end up being broken or unaccomplished. If you really want to set some resolutions as we approach 2018 here are some tips that may help you see them though to a positive conclusion.


1. It’s my belief that Resolutions are doomed to failure when based around denying yourself something and using the word STOP….. I am going to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, eating chocolate …….

Tip : Set a resolution for a shorter period than STOP, give yourself a time frame to carry out the resolution, remove the statement of denial and replace it with a positive intention

“For the month of January I will be a non smoker, alcohol free, replace chocolate with……”

Why? Shorter goals are more achievable, there’s no outright denial of something you like but feel harms you. At the end of your given period and you’ve succeeded, you then have a choice, to continue for another period or pat yourself on the back for achieving your Resolution!

2. Some Resolutions are based around fixing a problem we want to solve but we try to solve it with the same solution that failed previously…. I am going back to the gym to get fit. I am going to start my diet again to loose weight ……

Tip : Fix the problem with a different solution! Find another way to tackle the issue, something you are interested in doing and that suits your needs.

Don’t really like the gym? Go swimming, running or something else you like to do.

Can’t afford membership fees? Walk, run or do something at home.

Too busy to get to the gym/class? Take up a sport or activity which fits in with the time you have spare.

Why diet again? If you want to loose weight think of a change that moves towards a healthier lifestyle rather than a period of denial by dieting. Buy a healthy cookery book or go on a cookery course. View it as an ongoing process to learn new ways of eating and cooking.

3. Why focus only on putting right the wrongs?

Tip: Think of Resolutions as opportunities to try new things

This year I will learn a language, play an instrument, travel to…, volunteer to help out with….. No denial there just the sweet promise of the possibilities of a new experience.

4. If you really, really want to make resolutions make them 24 times next year by following the new and full moon cycles!

Tip: The new moon is seen as a time for new beginnings, the full moon a time to take stock, review, evaluate, let go.

Each new moon make an intention/goal/resolution that seems appropriate to your needs at that present moment. Then each full moon take stock of where you are, review and let go of what no longer serves you. This can help you attune to and fine tune what is happening in your life through a continuous process of change and evolution.

Happy New Year!