All the motivational speakers, life and business coaches, seminars, books, audiotapes, and millions of websites dedicated to helping us succeed are useless when it comes to the success of your business.  Totally useless.  They provide great bumper sticker theology, nice phrases you can turn into memes, and it feels really good for a few moments in time.  What they don’t provide, what they can’t provide, is the motivation to succeed in your business – only YOU can do that.

Ironically, what inspires you may also be blocking you.

  •  Are you inspired by hearing about others’ success?
  •  Do you have the “I want to be like them” aspiration?
  •  Do you wallow in the negative or put forth the positive?
  •  Do you express indifference or love?
  •  Do you spew venom or healing?

Consider these crucial markers of success not discussed in your average seminar:

  1. We all want love. Regardless of how you define it, we all want to feel and give love. It is what is at the very core of being human. On my mother’s deathbed, surrounded by family and dear close friends, listening to us tell her about all the calls and messages pouring in for her, she looked at me and said, “Why am I so loved? What did I do to deserve all of this?” My response: “Because you chose to show love first“.  When we select love as our primary motivator it will come back around and will show itself when we most need to see it.  Does love motivate you or do you push it away and believe that you can be successful without it?
  2. Acceptance. There is a trend right now in society that urges us all to accept one another without requiring change. It seems that more of society is defined as ‘marginalized’ than, well, non-marginalized.  It is ‘trendy’ to label ourselves and stand apart from everyone else yet we want full acceptance. I’m not sure that is something the human race is actually capable of doing.  Why not?  Because we confuse acceptance with understanding. Is it possible to accept without understanding? It is possible to agree to disagree, but then we must refer back to item #1 for it work.
  3. Attraction. We attract what we believe. If we see the world in a negative light, we welcome negative energy into our sphere. If we continually look for and celebrate the positive, positive energy will fill our realm to bursting.
  4. Why or Why Not.  Over the past couple of months, our company has seen some drastic changes.  We have said farewell to some, and have welcomed new clients into our family.  There is a HUGE difference between those who succeed and the ones who fail.  While I could join the thousands of authors out there and write my own book on success versus failure, there is one tried and true key element that stays on the top of every list I write.  The ones who are in the game to win it are the ones who continually look for solutions.  They are the ones who say, “Oh yeah? Watch me!”  They are the ones who say, “Bring it!”

What is blocking YOUR success?  I’m willing to bet that when you look hard enough, you’ll notice the only thing in your way…is you.