If you have ever tried your hands on starting an ecommerce store, then you know the importance of proper keyword research. Keyword research makes or breaks all your online marketing efforts; you do it right, you reap big; you do it wrong, you spend a lot of money and never earn a dime in return. So, it is of absolute importance that you conduct proper keyword research even before you go right ahead to set up your website, list your products or write your blog posts.

Keyword research enables you to unearth gems that are going to rank easily on search engines and you are therefore assured of earning big when you rank for such keywords. Having worked as an amazon affiliate marketer for the last 5 years now, I know how importance it is to research on your niche before even you start writing your blog posts or coming up with your product reviews.

When I started out, I remember I would choose very difficult niches that I would never rank no matter how many backlinks I had. Why? They were simply too competitive for a newbie. Industrial giants had already ranked and there was no way that I would be able to build authority to my website as much as they had done.

Other than keyword research, another important thing in online marketing especially when you are dependent on organic traffic is competitor backlink analysis as well as daily SERP positions. You want to learn how much resources your competitors have invested in their businesses so that they could be that good. At the same time, you might want to track a few of your keywords so that you know their daily positions on the SERPs so that you can work on the backlinks pointing to them or the word count that the ranking page has.

Use good tools to do your keyword research and competitor analysis

The trick to having your keywords ranking is to use great keyword research tools. Sometimes back, Ahrefs had a trial period of 14 days when you would use their tool and if pleased, would go ahead to buy it. Now those days are gone; they want you to buy the tool right from the start. Despite how awesome their tool is, their costs though are inhibitive; not so many newbies have $99 per month to purchase a keyword research tool, right? So what can one use?

Well, there is a new tool in the market called Keysearch. Equally as great as Ahrefs, Keysearch endears itself to online marketers for their competitive pricing without compromising on the tool’s effectiveness as well as versatility.

Other than keyword research, Keysearch also helps you analyze the backlink profile of your competitors so that you know where they are getting their backlinks from, how easy it is to copy those backlinks as well as estimate how much traffic they are getting organically. Once you have these kind of metrics, you are on a sure way to beat them and take their money.