Success is not achieving everything we desire with zero effort. Success is reaching your destination, dealing with unexpected hurdles on the way. But this needs a heart like a sea. The most interesting part is you never know where your next step will bring you to. Keep on trying with deep faith and you are done. My life-changing journey has also gone through different funnels. I am glad to share my experience. Hopefully, it will help others who are seeking success.

Self Problems

My family owns a Fuel station. I don’t need to work to get money. Still, I wanted to be self-dependant. Because nothing costs more than self-respect. I started getting bored with formal education last year. So I always used to search for different business ideas. I found nothing more valuable than online business in the pandemic situation of Covid-19. I started searching more about it. After the struggle of half a month, I decided to invest in Amazon. Now the major concern arises, which business model should I follow. There are different business models on Amazon i.e Private Label, Wholesale FBA, and Drop Shipping. Before jumping into any business, we should check its pros and cons. So I did the same. After a thorough understanding of business models, I made my mind to go with Private Label. One reason for doing this was I already had a registered family business (which was the first requirement).

At the end of 2020, I was working on this idea. After completing the documents, I was super excited to step in. Meanwhile, I got enrolled in Amazon training. Getting complete knowledge can reduce the risk and chances of failure. I completed homework at my end. Even though I had a good understanding of product research, I hired a Philippine freelancer. He shared the statistics of a Bread Lame. We mutually decided to go for it due to the high profit margin. We started searching for suppliers for our product in the US. I was enthusiastic about my first Launch on Amazon.  

Never lose hope

Although Our competitors had good sales. But they were getting negative feedback about product packaging. It gave me an edge to work on. I thought I will manage to overcome packaging issues. This can help me boost my sales and rank faster. Here comes the point of unexpected hurdles that I mentioned at the start. We ordered a sample from a supplier and compared it with a competitor’s product. We were disappointed to see that our product was not matching the quality requirements. The other issue we faced was every Supplier provided the same packaging. But Giving up is not the solution at all. We had two options left. Either to go with the same packaging or to change the product. I was not ready to quit at this moment when you are just one step away. We sourced our product from Vietnam and placed an order.

As the days were passing, I was getting more worried about packaging material. The Freelancer that I hired from the Philippines was an awesome Man. After continuous hard work, he came up with a solution. He suggested getting services from the Clipnbox company. They are well known for the manufacturing of customized boxes. The best part of their service is they offer personalized logos and taglines etc on boxes. They were offering every single thing that a person can imagine having. This made me more confused.

It was not less than a risk to trust a company which you knew not. How someone can provide such a unique service at an affordable price. I was wondering all this in my mind. However, it was far better to take a risk than to quit the Launch at this stage. So we decided to proceed with it. Every business has some risk involved in it. But after placing an order of customized packaging box from Clipnbox, I considered it 100 percent risk. Day by day anxiety and numbness was getting increased. I invested the whole pocket money I had. I was having negative thoughts in my mind. I was cursing myself for trusting an unknown company. I had nothing except to wait.


After a week, I got an email from Clipnbox. My heartbeat got doubled. I got a tracking ID and my Boxes were just arriving. I jumped on my bed with excitement. Meanwhile, our inventory was also on the way. After a couple of days, I received the stock. My imagination was coming into reality. I received packaging boxes next week. It was really what I expected. Our product went live in no time. We got the First organic order on the second day of our Launch. Our sales velocity started increasing. After a week we received the first review and the customer was fully satisfied. Our product quality and packaging were just perfect. We got Amazon choice Tag and Best Seller Rank within a month. I never expected such an achievement in no time. All in all, Clipnbox helped me achieve my goals. I am still getting benefited from their beautiful packaging boxes. I am just thankful for their awesome services. I believe, taking a risk in life is compulsory. Success is nothing but dealing with risk calmly