Kate Monroe

We live in a society that tells young girls to smile and “just be nice” — because that will get them everything they want, right? No. It is a system that forces us to swallow our potential and ignore our drive. Because it isn’t “womanly” to want power and ambition. These are traditionally in the purview of men. 

But what happens when you finally shift your mindset and tell yourself, “I am a Bombshell boss?”

If you were to ask Kate Monroe, who calls herself “The CEO,” she would tell you, “you’re wasting your time worrying about your likability.” She elaborates by asking, “do you think Elon Musk wakes up everyday and wonders if people like him? Hell no!” 

According to Kate, to break the self-defeating cycle you are trapped in, you need to embody a radical mindset shift. One that declares your success now because that is untapped potential waiting to revolutionize your business and life. If this sounds exciting, keep reading my friend!

Do Better. Be Better.

When you meet Kate, you get the feeling she has always been this unstoppable force (and trust me, she has). But it wasn’t until she joined the Marines that she learned how to really channel that unstoppable mindset. “I was pushed to do better, be better, do more, and solve problems.” That attitude stuck with her and she carries it into her business ventures. 

This mindset drives Kate to constantly be working on what’s next — which allows her to aim even higher stretching beyond her previous successes. This focus has also helped her to close impressive capital gain and execute deals more quickly and efficiently than other consultants. 

Today, she literally runs six companies all while managing seven-figure contracts and training thousands of employees for large corporations. 

The craziest part is that her logic is quite simple. To Kate it comes down to three things: “be good at your craft, be smart, and be confident.” If you work from this place, you too will be able to say, “I am already successful.” 

And guess what? When you know your worth, you already are a Bombshell boss. 

It’s Time to Act 

Kate’s boss mentality hasn’t just allowed her to close amazing deals, it also fuels her momentum. My jaw dropped when Kate told me, “life is too short to dream about being successful. Jump in, do it now! Waiting never made anyone richer.” Truer words have never been spoken.

How often do we plan, plan, plan, storyboard, brainstorm, etc.? You know what’s not making you money? Your plan. To Kate, success isn’t about thinking or ruminating about the problem. It’s the execution that determines whether you can keep up with her. 

Kate gives it to her clients straight. “There are two types of business owners: those who stand at the station, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the train to pick them up and those who put on their running shoes to catch up with the train that has already left the station. Which one are you?”

All of this means, Kate isn’t waiting around for you. She is pursuing her goal with the most “balls to the wall” determination and grit she’s got. Trust me when I tell you, no one wastes Kate Monroe’s time. 

Forget about Your Likability 

Every woman could learn a thing or twenty from one conversation with Kate. Above all, we need to get ourselves out of the mindset that, as women, we have to give everyone time and attention in order to be well received and ideally well liked. But, if you want to land seven-figure contracts every month, and wake up with the same energy as Elon Musk, you need to throw the idea of being likeable right out the window.

Know that Kate isn’t hoping to be your cup of tea. She is hoping to close the deal, execute, and make money both for her clients and for herself. Most importantly, she wants to be the gasoline that ignites your passion on fire. If you’re not motivated and you have no plan, don’t call Kate. She will tell you, “she doesn’t have the time.”

If, however, you bring confidence, determination, and one hell of an idea, Kate will give you her undivided attention and respect. She is the strongest partner you could have on your side for your next venture because that respect is earned. And believe me, it’s not wasted. 

The only question left is “do you have the gusto to approach her?” I dare you!