Success is not in everyone’s fate because no one can buy and sell it by the power of money. It comes to those who have perseverance, dedication, resilience, patience, determination.

I have met many young people over the last few years, where I found one unusual thing that they have no control over their desires, which are root cause of someone’s distraction from their goal. These desires are not genuine, which means not created by them, but these desires have developed in them on account of their surroundings. Furthermore, desires are good but those desires must be of success, parent’s pride and so on. Many youngsters curse their fate by thinking about the things which they didn’t achieve in their life. Sometimes, they feel bad because of the inferiority complex which they made about themselves that they are not capable for getting any specific goal. As an instance, many people just lose their success because they think that they are not able and can never achieve big goals.

We often forget that a big tree always depends on its roots which are always hidden in soil deeply. Nobody talks about those roots because one just looks at success which is in the form of fruits on that tree. But, deep down, trees got fruit owing to those roots. Similarly, in human’s life, people see charm of success rather than thinking about those roots in the form of base which one makes after toiling round the clock under four walls of room.

This signifies, success can be possible, if one has strong base.