Many try to look different in the crowd. But very few succeed in that as they are not real maybe. You should be genuine and trendsetter for making a name in Blogging. And when it comes to Food Blogging, you need serious talent to attract people towards your pages and videos.

We all know Blogging is the new way of earning and becoming famous. We are seeing a considerable crowd now in the blogging world. Many are trying their luck by writing, posting pictures and videos on their websites, social media account and youtube.

Pujneet Singh, better known as Bhookha Sand on his Instagram and verified YouTube channel and on his website. Pujneet Singh comes in the top list of Food Blogger in India. From few years his name has happened in the top list of brands and restaurants. Veg or Non-veg his name is at the top as Indian food Blogger.

He believes in all the kinds of food, so his favorite destinations are not only top restaurants, but he loves street food too, and he showcases that beautifully through his Instagram and youtube channel.

Pujneet Singh is travelling at different places for the best food. He knows we Indian are crazy for food, so there are so many places which are still not coming in the picture. Pujneet wants to bring them in public with his Bhookha Sand YouTube channel and Instagram page. He is also organizing shows with top celebrities on his channel.

What makes him different from others is he never repeat things on his page and channel. He always brings new content for his followers and his activeness is adding more fans to his Instagram and YouTube channel.

Pujneet Singh comes with proper details of cuisine and recipes to help his follower try those things at their home. He also advertises good places where you can go and enjoy yummy cuisine. That’s the benefit of good food lover he makes your work easy by posting top sites which serves good food.

If you are a food lover, then you must follow him on Instagram ( and his YouTube Channel ( If you are not following Pujneet Singh aka Bhooka Sand, then you are missing yummy food places which are near to your location.