Meet Yogendra Chavhan; He will be the next big name in Indian cinema with his Photography skills.

Something is amazing about good photography. The stunning features of a human, the closeness and raw emotions of the subject in the image and undeniably a perfect composition makes you feel like you watching something special in picture.

Photography is an art which very few are blessed. Passion and practice can make you even better than the most in the competition.

Yogendra Chavhan is a classic photographer from Maharashtra. He is a renowned name in fashion and celebrity world because of his photography. This young lad is a genius when he is with his camera.

He is known for candid pictures. His DSLR gives him energy and freedom to click what he likes and Man he takes stunning photographs. You know that’s the difference between a PRO photographer and an ordinary one. When you see pictures of Yogendra, you get a different feeling and when you see the same object picture taken by other looks OK. Yogendra makes scrap looks stunner.

Yogendra Chavhan started taking pictures when he was 17. As we say, something comes naturally in life, and Yogendra has that X-factor in him when you talk about his photography. He becomes a different person when he is with his DSLR.

Yogendra is a photographer who doesn’t need a studio to edit the picture. He can take stunning pictures even from streets of Maharashtra or any place in India.

According to Yogendra, natural colours and lights are the best editings you can have when you want to click any fashion shoots or celebrity pictures. Yogendra feels if you try something creative than you get absolutely stunning photographs.

Yogendra has struggled a lot in the initial stage of his life. He uses to gather money from which he purchases his first camera and pieces of equipment. He is currently having more than 165k followers on Instagram in which there are many celebrities too.

Yogendra Chavhan’s YouTube channel is also popular with almost 20,000 subscribers in his channel in short period time. He is known for his creative videos. Yogendra can become a good editor or director in future in the movies. As he has the director in him, you can see his YouTube videos (

Yogendra is currently getting work from many many places of India and other parts of the world. We hope he gets more success in the future and he joins B-town or in Maharashtrian cinema with his photography and video editing skills.