While some entrepreneurs transfigured an entire course of history as their legacy, others continued to make impactful changes behind the curtain. Entrepreneurs exist to solve problems and transform innovative ideas into fascinating realities, the way they reach their goals might differ, but the principles that lead them towards those aspirational pathways remain unchanged.

In this article we shall look at the traits that contribute to success, and how can we efficiently prioritize things in the face of life. These 5 personalities will give us their tricks of the trade, so sit back and enjoy the simple mantras of life that are often the hardest to follow:

Elon Musk – Failure is the Pathway to Awe

The billionaire entrepreneur, popularly known for Tesla and SpaceX, started to envision a day when he could embark on journey to Mars after his PayPal success. Silicon Valley respected Musk for his unconventional beliefs and uncommon ideas but starting a private company that could travel to international space station was uncanny – and to some extent bizarre.

With a clear sense of direction and unwavering conviction, SpaceX was born to compete with established giants like Boeing and Virgin Galactic. Musk loaned out everything he possibly could to keep the company operational and his dream alive despite perpetual failures, and eventually launched the first successful landing in 2015 with Falcon 9. Musk stated in an interview after repaying the debts successfully,

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”

Steve Jobs – Connecting the Dots of Life with Patience

Together with Steve Wozniak, Jobs started a garage company called Apple. His educational background comprised of top tier universities, but his choice of subjects was unorthodox. He took calligraphy as a course after dropping out of Reed College, at that time, the course added no value to his knowledge base, but when Apple became the first company to offer graphical user interface, Job skills at designing alphabets came in handy. His struggle was long, but he eventually put a dent in the universe with his innovative products – forever changing the face of digital revolution globally.

Everything that Jobs learned came to his utilization in the future, the dots of the past connected eventually to the end. We all will experience this phenomenon, but ‘patience’ is the only thing needed here.

Our trajectories of success will be different from our peers, but it is the ability to persevere and stay calm amidst the chaos that will reap results.

Oprah Winfrey – Turning Wounds into Wisdom

This lady with an iron fist is an exemplary role model for those suffering from emotional traumas, gloomy childhoods, and uncertain futures. Depression and anxiety are often products of murky events associated with the pasts. To get hold of yourself and break the shackles of mental issues, it is imperative to declutter your life and sort out the necessary from the heap of insignificants.

Oprah grew up in extreme poverty; she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her own family members, all factors contributing towards a tough childhood. So how did Oprah become the most loved woman on American television? These are some of the tips by Oprah

  • Focus on Passion, Not on Money
  • Gratitude to nature is Essential
  • Have Empathy to become Humans

You can use your wounds to either remind yourself of the past or take pride in them as scars of a victorious battle.

Mark Zuckerberg – Move Fast and Break Things

Momentum is the prime mover of any aspiration. Without the willingness to act, ideas are mere trivial thoughts. Known for the social networking site, Facebook, Mark is a person who believes that people don’t care about what you say, they care about what you build.

The inception of Facebook in a dorm room can teach us two things, firstly equipment is only an excuse that we use to discount ourselves from working and secondly, it’s the utmost belief in an idea that matters. When the clarity of goal is attained, the ability to take risks becomes an innate element.

By working on a simple computer, Mark started his journey and sometimes, that’s the most difficult part. Americans are smart savers and Mark proves that, he had a plan in place where he went from introducing Facebook through an Intranet with 50 users to the internet with billions of active users.

Plan, Risk, Fail, Learn, and Succeed. Between every next stop, there is only one thing required – momentum.

J.K. Rowling – A Perfect Work Life Balance

I know you might be wondering why the popular author isn’t here for providing us with tips on how to battle with depression, but she cured herself with two things – her writing and her children.

To strike that perfect equilibrium between parenting responsibilities and professional commitments is the bedrock of a happy life. Your work may encapsulate your passion, but professional wear and tear can only be reduced by using the surrounding relationships to anchor your skills and behavioral tendencies.