Summer is upon us. It is hot and amazing outside and it feels like everything is blossoming. It appears like there is constant daylight outside, so the most ideal thing to do is stay outside and enjoy the warm weather. If you are crazy about working out, you have booked a membership in your nearest gym- of course, you could want to cancel to move your exercising outside. 

There is a remedy for every fear you could have regarding outdoor exercising during summer. If you are afraid of facing the heat, you can always dress property in heat-appropriate clothes. If you are afraid that you will get dehydrated, you can easily fix that by hydrating sufficiently before lacing up for a run. All you need is a pair of running shoes and proper running socks. There is no reason for you to miss out on the many benefits of outdoor activities simply because it’s hot.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t let the heat stop you from staying active in the winter! 

1. You don’t freeze

Even though a lot of people complain about summer as being sunburn, overheating, and exhaustion, still summer is all fun.

If the cold weather of winter slows you down and forces you to end your activities in a rush, you will greatly benefit from the warm temperatures of summer. The air doesn’t get sticky in summer, and you can maintain a comfortable body temperature for prolonged durations.

2. It is a proven immunity-boost

Outdoor exercising during winter is risky because you may catch a cold which is understandable given the chilly weather outside. Of course, this does not happen during the summer. In contrast, during summer you are not vulnerable to colds or fever due to nice weather outside. 

Experts say that exercising in warm weather stimulates your body’s defense mechanism and helps it fight respiratory infections, flu, and symptoms of the common cold. Your blood circulation improves when you exercise and you inhale sufficient outdoor fresh air. That boosts your immune system and increases your resistance to illness. 

And because being outside maximizes your vitamin D intake, your overall health will be better than when you choose to stay home and breathe the same stale air over and over. What you could do is simply take your bicycle, or even an electric tricycle for adults if you don’t feel confident about your biking, and take a ride over the park to be exposed fully to the sun and receive enough vitamin D. 

You might have your children join these heated workouts and double the fun. Just make sure that you are full of energy before you start with your exercises. Children are more prone to feeling tired and sleepy from the heat, therefore, you can think of solutions to avoid this. Something that could help them feel better physically or even improve their mental health is if you give them vitamins for kids before they leave the house.

3. It increases your mental and physical endurance

The courage to lace up and head outside for an exercise session is admirable, especially when everyone is tucking in. Not many people can resist the temptation when they know that outside it is around 30 degrees celsius. Working out outside in the summer has a strong impact on your mental toughness and resilience. On top of that, exercising in summer increases your stamina and physical endurance in a bigger way than in winter. You could even motivate yourself to work out during summer, and then reward yourself with gift tag templates or simply a good nap. 

4. It builds environmental awareness

Being outside in the summer helps you appreciate nature and rack up positive experiences in the natural, unfiltered environment. If you have kids, hiking the dirt trails with them will help them to develop responsible environmental habits later in adulthood. On your part, exercising outside in summer improves your knowledge of your surroundings and the terrain within and around your neighborhood. 

Speaking of kids, these young minds are always curious about how playing outside feels like during summer. Many parents protect their kids too much during these hot months, denying them the chance to interact with nature for a whole 3-4 months. You should be different. Take your kids outside and play paintball as a family. 

In this game, you will all be covered with jumpsuits, so you will be safe from severe weather elements. Chest and back paddings, on the other hand, will keep you all safe even if someone falls. You will have fun and at the same time register a few minutes of intense exercise. 

5. Summer has the freshest outdoor air

Surprisingly, most germs don’t survive the hot temperatures of summer, That is why most moisture-related germs are found indoors. You don’t know how fresh you will be feeling after an hour-long outdoor exercise session. But to refresh the air inside your house, you can always start thinking of a home remodeling plan, such as changing your regular cabinets to RTA wood cabinets and also renew the interior of your house.


Are you motivated to get out and work out this summer? Well, if you aren’t convinced yet, be motivated by the many physical and mental benefits outdoor exercises are. Think of the post-workout hot shower and the deep sleep you’ll have after an intense outdoor training session. That will surely get you all psyched up.