Do you need tips on how to be super healthy at home?

Watch this video for the best tips!

Drink Water Everyday:

Drinking enough water everyday – (this starts at 4 Cups a day, but can vary for every person depending on your health and activity level) can help with your brain function, physical activity and weight loss.

Of course, if you want to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit (eat less than you are burning every day). Being hydrated can help with weight loss because you won’t have as many cravings and feel fuller. You will be hydrated.

Protein Super Healthy Snack (tastes like ice cream!):

For a special treat and to keep full longer, throughout your day – try this simple recipe (it tastes like ice cream but with less calories and more nutrition):

Frozen Berries and Protein – Super Healthy Recipe

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. You may want to add more water to make it a bit creamier.

An important tip is to put the protein powder mix in first.

Then add the berries and the almond milk and stir.

This will help prevent the protein powder from flying all over your kitchen counter in a dry powder of fluff everywhere 

Fitness Moves:

Good idea to drink lots of water after your work out and stretch!

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