They might just be one in the crowd. The successful person might be the woman sitting casually in a coffee shop while sipping her coffee quietly or the man who travelled with you in the subway today while reading a book. They might as well be the man or woman who sits behind the cabin glass while paying you occasional visits.

Successful people don’t look different but they definitely make you feel the difference when you are around them. They radiate happiness and positivity. Successful people don’t ruminate on negative experiences or conversations, but learn and adjust as needed and concentrate on what’s happening in the here and now. Why do you care? Really take a moment to reflect on this: why do you concern yourself with what others think about you? You are a unique, gifted, and special individual. That is a fact. Now let that be your starting point and your living point. Here are a few thoughts on why you should dare to be different, celebrate the special uniqueness that is you, and not worry about what others think.

Real estate veteran Daniel Tzinker and his partner Alvaro Nuñez, who also has years of experience in the luxury space, have not just cornered the market in listings that start at $5 million, but they are also successful entrepreneurs who do business with a purpose. Both partners believe that “when you create a business that fuels your passion, everything comes naturally.” Super Luxury Group, it is about more than just matching a client’s lifestyle with a property that fits their personal needs. As they like to say, “we are driven by numbers; pushed by soul.” This is why, when they put together Super Luxury Group, they made sure they found a group of like-minded individuals who could join a community that emphasizes teamwork and giving back.

“Making a difference in the community we work in is one of our major priorities,” according to Nuñez. In order to illustrate how passionate they are about giving back, when the partners did their first deal as Super Luxury Group in Miami, they decided to donate all their benefits. This first step forward became a habit for Super Luxury Group. Ever since then, every time they close a deal, a percentage of their fee goes to help out some cause or charity. Further, helping out in the unique way that they can, they have very generously, donated properties as well as funds in order to house and help orphans. They plan to start the SLG Foundation in the near future in order to centralize and increase their charitable endeavors.

Their passion for giving back is inherently connected to both partners’ sense of community. This is precisely why they make a point to donate to and support charitable organizations like the Lighthouse Foundation in Miami and United Hatzalah as well as other international organizations in Ukraine, Dominican Republic and Spain.

Taking risks often leads to failure, but successful people learn from their mistakes to become better versions of themselves. “You may think you know what your next step should be, but when you take it and fail, the lesson you learn ultimately ends up being what was standing between you and success

Super Luxury Group’s deliberate bet on community and giving back is a paradigmatic example of how businesses and business leaders can pave the way to a better tomorrow. Both partners are providing young entrepreneurs with the blueprint for how to align their decisions so they are simultaneously growing their business as well as making a positive impact in their communities.