Kay Katherine Zabala

No matter if you want to live a fulfilled life or to just make small changes for the better, you’re not alone in the journey! Each of us is born with the potential to be happy. By choosing how we think, feel and behave, it’s possible that our lives will change accordingly. So what would your reaction be? Would you consider me crazy for saying something like that? Then you’re not alone. Many people believe that happiness cannot be permanent- it’s just something that happens when the time is right, if at all.

The truth is, there is a way for us to consciously create our lives, and we can begin on this journey as soon as we start making a few simple changes in the way we live. As a matter of fact, often, it’s not necessary to be in the position everyone else is in order to reach happiness. This is because we have within us all the tools and skills required to create something better for ourselves- this includes our body and mind, plus everything that surrounds us; family, friends, or co-workers.

Coach Kay Katherine Zabala of the Global Institute for Coaches and Entrepreneurs division in the Philippines, is an empowering coach and mental health expert that helps families build mental health resilience in their homes by teaching teens how to overcome feelings of insignificance, being unheard or misunderstood, and coaching family members on how to provide a space for self-expression without judgment as the teen immerses back into the family. Once this is done, communication improves, connection returns and all feel empowered to pursue individual goals while still maintaining the closeness that makes them one strong team.

The mind-numbing loss of her 11 closest family members to Super Typhoon Haiyan led Coach Kay Katherine Zabala on a journey that has transformed her into the unstoppable force she is today.

Coach Kay Katherine Zabala has been through it all. Still, after five years of service provider hopping and a myriad mental health diagnoses with interventions, she found the one thing that would change everything: Life Coaching! For Coach Kay Katherine, every day is dedicated to paying forward transformation. After knowing pain in its deepest depths and hope at its faintest yet most powerful point–that’s why heart-led radical unmatched work will be what gets done on this mission to build resilient families and communities—one life at a time.

Coach Kay Katherine Zabala is a woman with the mission of bringing coaching to every home and business. She wants to change people’s lives one person at a time so that eventually, there will be no more need for her since everyone has become an expert coach or has been coached themselves. Kay believes this can happen through speaking firstly to parents; then their children; leaders (political and corporate); game-changers; radicals who want big changes fast, educators who could help others find self-motivation instead of waiting on someone else being motivated enough for them, and finally you whose heart simply yearns for a different way of life than what society has conditioned us into – where we are always looking outside ourselves rather than inside our own heart for happiness.

It is often said that the best way to teach someone something is not by lecturing them but rather by reminding them. Mankind has accomplished many things in life -from walking on the moon- and it cannot be argued with what can’t be done! What’s more daunting than our global mental health goals?

The answer: nothing. Take heart, though, for all we need to do starts at home as well as within each of us individually. We must first begin with one person -ourselves- and make a change before passing this knowledge forward like dominoes falling into place until they reach almost everyone else around us who needs help, too…we will then transform humanity together through love.

The world is rapidly growing, and as such, our population grows too. We need to be one people with one human heart beating for all of humanity as one. It’s time to put ourselves in others’ shoes and get a glimpse of what they are going through -whether bad or good; let that fuel our desire to learn more, and then share how we’ve overcome our challenges in life.