As a country formed by immigrants, the United States has always welcomed people who seek a better life. Among the many who have long sought freedom and a better life are the Asian people. Like many who emigrated from other countries, Asians have encountered obstacles to their successes despite the vital work and social ethics that many of them hold. Today, with the current health crisis, some people have developed particular biases that are unreasonable. As a result, certain businesses have suffered economic downturns. This situation prompts Men’s Health magazine to encourage people to patronize Asian-American restaurants and enjoy meals. Also, there are businesses in other commercial sectors.


An urban food delivery service, Chowbus offers customers the ability to order from more than one restaurant in a single delivery without added fees. Ideal for families or groups with differing tastes, this service is good for those who love variety, helping numerous restaurants. Chowbus also has take-out for customers.

Dang Foods

Dang Foods began after its founder could not find any toasted coconut in New York City. He co needed this to make his mother’s renowned Thai lettuce wraps that had become popular with his roommates and others. Today Dang Foods products offer healthy snacks with flavor that has not been compromised.

Pearl River Market

Located in New York City’s Chinatown, Pearl River Market spreads its interior out to the streets, making it hard to miss. The TriBeca/Chinatown is viewed as a “friendship store” between the U.S. and China. Dating back to the 1970s, this landmark has shared its favorite products from their cultures, such as food and art in lifestyle products. Among these products are teas, mugs, snacks, and socks.

Private Policy

An inclusive New York City fashion brand, Private Policy is a non-gender streetwear brand that works with artist, actor, and activist Chella Man, who fashions jewelry designs from his artwork to highlight the beauty of being deaf. Since March of 2021, 50% of the profit from pre-ordering goes to a deaf center.

good light

A beauty cream named “good light” has been created for all skin types and textures. It hopes to “democratize” beauty by strengthening skin barriers through hydration and “enhancing a person’s microbiome.”