COVID-19 has led to increased levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty among people, and in this, children of all ages are more vulnerable than adults.  Every kid can have a unique response to this situation in terms of emotions. You can look at your kid, for example. How did he take to school closures, events cancellation, and distance from friends? No matter what, you have to be there for them and support them. Here are some ways you can create an atmosphere of normalcy to help them deal with this new circumstance that nobody may have thought about, even in their wildest dreams a year back.

How to navigate everyday life? By David JC Cutler

Set a routine

Every kid needs a structure to follow. As a parent, you have to invent a schedule for the day that features playtime, interactions with friends, screen-free time, help with household tasks, etc. Think about the type of values you would want to teach and build a schedule around it. The kids can spend their time without having to worry about what next since you have pre-determined everything.

Watch over what they read or hear

Online platforms are replete with misinformation about viral disease. It would help if you kept an eye on what your child is watching and what opinion they form based on the details. Please don’t think you can tell them the facts and they will be okay. You need to understand their psychology and address their misconceptions. Since they can put together two irrelevant details and confuse them for real, you have to go deep into what they know and how to get them back on the right track, says David JC Cutler.

Sometimes you may not have the proper answers to their queries. You can sit with them and browse through credible sites to dig into the trustworthy information in those times.

Plan distractions

It can happen that your child is going through difficult emotions. Talking can be helpful, but it will be better to distract them from such feelings to find relief. You can organize a family game, for that matter. Engage them in cooking. Some families keep a dinner time and change teams every night to keep up the fun. You can take inspiration from these ideas or do something more exciting. However, if you have teens, you would want to allow them a bit more screen time. Of course, they cannot spend the entire time in front of the device. So you have to balance your preparations accordingly. 

Look after your behavior

Everyone is under pressure at this unique time. It is natural for you to feel emotional or volatile, even as an adult. But you have to deal with your anxiety with care so that your kids don’t get influenced. In essence, keep your emotions in check, even if it is challenging.

Your kids need your attention and more love in this time of the pandemic and beyond. Hence, you have to be available for them and understand their needs.