Anxiety and Depression are created from suppression.   

I really don’t like labels. My clients know, often when a new client comes to me with behavioral or mental issues often they start the conversation by saying “I have depression” “I have anxiety” or “I am depressed”. When I ask them if they are depressed now often the answer is “not right now but I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety”. 

This kind of affirmation is very strong, I am not saying it wasn’t true at some point but if addressed appropriately anxiety and depression don’t need to be a for life diagnosis. Of course, people come to me because they want more from life, they know they can feel and do better than taking medication their entire life. They come to me because they are tired of being called “depressed” or “anxious”. They come to me when they are ready to do the work. Yes, I say work because it does require consistent action to change the really strong neural pathways that have been created for many years telling you “I can’t go there because I am sad” “I don’t feel like going to this meeting or this party” “I can’t seem to clear up my mind, I can’t even breathe!”. All these symptoms are real, very real, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change them. I have never been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, clinically, but I am positive I had both during different points of my life. I did search for solutions and help when it happened but I never bought into the fact that it is and it will always be that way, not even when I was extremely sick. 

Depression and Anxiety come from suppression. Suppression of things we haven’t said, actions we couldn’t take, trauma we didn’t heal from, the grief we didn’t process when it was time. We bottle up because we have to look good on the outside, we need to work, we need to be good moms or dads, we need to perform in so many places and we have to do it to the best of our capacity. There is a pressure that we put on ourselves, there is lack of authentic conversations, there is a fear of being judged, there is guilt all over ourselves, there is shame, shyness, envy, jealousy, and isolation. All these unexpressed negative emotions that carefully we have kept inside for years rot our mind and body in a very subtle way. We kept them in because it would look awful on the outside.

Whatever it is for you or a loved one, know there is a solution to all this pain, you have all the tools within you but you need guidance. None can do everything by themselves! I certainly can’t and I won’t.

It’s good to know your options, talk to professionals that can help you but make sure you address the root of the problem, the cause of your depression and anxiety. Addressing depression and anxiety by itself is only addressing the symptoms, not the cause. Know that on the other side of pain there is freedom, it is not as difficult as you might think right now. 

Talk to me, what do you have to lose? I will give you one hour of my undivided attention for one hour for free. It might change your life. 

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