Women absolutely love getting flowers! You can ask any woman and you will always get the same answer. The best gift that you can give somebody is a rose or a whole bouquet of her favorite flowers.

People do it for anniversaries, for birthdays and for various other special occasions. But have you ever sent flowers to her while she is at work?

Your are probably thinking “Why?” Well, why not! Sometimes we give flowers to girls when we want to attract their attention. Sometimes we do it because we like them.

Sometimes it’s just to make them feel special. So the best answer would be “Just, because!” Here are some ways that you can surprise your significant other with a flower arrangement while she is at work.

Organize a Special Delivery

flowers special delivery

The easiest way is to find a delivery service and organize that the flowers get delivered to her personally. This is easy as you can find this in every city.

Just find a reliable service, give them the specifics and make sure to choose her favorites. Don’t be stingy and try to make an impression. It’s like trying to make her fall in love with you all over again. Make a custom card which is tailored specifically for her.

It works even better if you organize the delivery when she least expects it. Just wait and relax until you get a message or a call from her, telling you how she likes it.

Deliver the Flowers Yourself

If you really want to make an impression and if you want to show her that you care, you should do it yourself. So delivering the flowers yourself is something that she would least expect. Make sure that you do it when she doesn’t suspect anything.

Try to take a day off from work. She can’t suspect anything if she thinks that you yourself are at work. Dress nicely and find the best bouquet of flowers that you can find. Go to her workplace and show up suddenly and present the flowers to her yourself.

She will be immensely happy to see her put such an effort and it will make her day. You will also get to see her face when she gets it and will probably receive the tightest hug and the best kiss ever.

Get Her Colleagues In On It

If you are not able to get out of work yourself, you can still make it work. Just get her colleagues to help you. It is still a surprise no matter who does it as long as she doesn’t know about it. Try to contact some of her colleagues and explain the situation to her. They will probably be happy to help and do a good deed.

The only problem would be to make sure that nobody gives it away and to bring the actual flowers to the workplace. But if you arrange everything beforehand and if you are careful you can end up making quite a big surprise for her. She probably will not expect to receive such a surprise gift send from you by way of your co-workers.

Deliver Flowers with Food

delivery Flowers with Food

Besides flowers, probably the second easiest gift that you can give is some food. If you send chocolate or her favorite dish you will make your significant other very happy. So why not mix both of them together and give her some flowers and some food.

You can arrange to deliver this for her lunch break. Make sure to do that when she doesn’t bring lunch to work and also try to arrange a special meal for her.

If you can’t find a way to deliver food or if she constantly brings her own meals then you can send a dessert. Chocolate works best, you can never miss with chocolate, or you can also send her her favorite sweats along with the flowers. She will be immensely happy and content with both the food and the flowers.

A Few Extra Tips

When you decide to surprise your significant other with flowers at work, or on any occasion for that matter, there are some important things that you need to watch out for.

One of them is that it is best if you arrange the flowers in a specific way. Don’t just give her any old flowers, make a fancy presentation.

Use beautifiers to make the bouquet better. This includes cutting the stems of the flowers in a specific way and adding various kinds of decorations to make the whole experience better.

Take her to lunch afterward. Once you surprise her with flowers you can wait for her after work and take her to a fancy restaurant for dinner. This is an added surprise that goes with the flowers.

Instead of real flowers, you can have hand-made ones delivered to her. But you have to make them yourself because it doesn’t work if you have somebody else make them or if you buy them.

It shows that you have put an effort to create something for her. It works best if you create something unique and outstanding as well.