The lower levels of the spirit world are mirroring what is happening within the human collective right now. The terror has become greater than the pandemic itself.I feel like I need to say that again to offer the miasm some space.The terror has become greater than the pandemic itself.Please don’t get me wrong. Fear is an appropriate psychological and emotional response to any threat or crisis. I am not going to ask you to replace fear with love. I just won’t do that. I am going to ask you to hold space for both, to allow both possibilities to exist as you compartmentalize and internalize your reactions and responses to what is happening out there.The fear has now taken on form, an energy form which is just as intrusive upon our boundary systems as is the Corona virus. Even with social distancing, there are enough people in the world where no one has to struggle alone with this, no one. Even helping others through prayer.We are all working diligently respect social distancing.So what about enacting psychological, spiritual and emotional distancing from those thoughts and reactions that are furthering you into the abyss?There are things each of us can do to help ourselves and each other. The act of creation is our birthright.
The act and art of acceptance is also our birthright.I see the light at the end of the tunnel.I see the darkness even before we got to this place.If we can create healthier relationships to our desperation, our powerlessness, our terror, we can shift some things here everyone.As human beings, we do not like to feel powerless. We have a hard time embracing suffering. We want to be in control of everything.The us vs them paradigm can no longer survive in this new world being created, but we won’t learn that lesson until we each explore our own personal relationships with power and powerlessness. Loss happens. It is happening. It will happen. We are each being faced with the loss of our personal identities, our roles in society and we see others. Amen. What is on the other side of that has the opportunity of being miraculous but that will not change the fact that much loss will occur. And with that, comes an intensity of grief and emptiness we have never allowed ourselves to experience before.
I am with you.We are all with you.May we cherish the opportunity to pray collectively for each other through these times.Amen.