More than 150 years ago, Darvin gave a theory about human evolution stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small,inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete,survive, and reproduce. The theory was based on the fundmental of natural selection which encompasses that complex creatures need to evolve over time by adapting to the beneficial mutation (changes in genetics) which aid in their‘survival‘ and pass this on to next generation /  species or form a different creature itself. However, the time has changed and retaining only beneficial mutations does not help in 21st century.

In modern globalized world where both men and women both equally taking part in every aspect of the society while women also being the earner of the house and taking part in various socioeconomic reforms. It is evident that in the fast growing countries like India the no of nuclear families are increasing while it is tearing off the traditional way where men used to be only earner in a family. On the one hand white these reforms are good for family and the society both, in the other hand the amount of work pressure, competitive environment and lack of time for self is adding up to the mental stress.

While the old style joint families setup helped keep the moral high with intact support system at home, in the new age families are hardly finding time to devote to their children and not to talk about kith and kins.

The context here is clear that while it very much appreciated for women also being the contributor to family & social, we cannot deny the fact the amount of responsibilities, work pressure and competition are continuously going to increase – hence to lead a stable and happy life we certainly need to make a key change in ourselves i.e. to keep a fit & stable mind which keeps us peaceful.

Some of the colleges and institutions have already started various classes on yoga; meditation and emotional intelligence to keep the upcoming generation stay stress free in a competitive environment and do not lose hope even if they fail.

in a nutshell, it’s high time for the generation of 21st century to teach themselves the art of being stress free from within while still being competitive and keep a progressive mindset which in turn means never losing hope and stating content on what one have at the moment.


  • Vaibhav Gupta


    Thrive Global

    Vaibhav is MBA from one of the reputed institutes in India and works as Manager in a multinational IT company. He is an avid researcher on topics such as Purpose, Wisdom, Well-being, Politics and Technology.