With the UK budget released today, it’s become clear that everyone is anticipating a hit to our businesses and in turn the economy.

We are all ‘learning’ to work from home for extended periods and it’s certainly made us all question the importance of our jobs.

As Corporates battle with travel bans and internal communications on the subject, one of the things plaguing employees at the moment is ‘what’s going on? And what do we do?’

I admit I was (am) someone who is living life pretty much the same way as I did before albeit with more hand sanitiser and tissues in my handbag. However, every time you walk through the doors of a swanky office building, you can’t help but get swallowed up in the hysteria and wonder what does this mean and how long is this going to go on for?

The reality is that we don’t know but we need to use this time wisely.

As the client events are starting to dwindle, conferences are being postponed and meetings are going virtual we need to look at a new way of working. We need to take a leaf from our older generations and ask if we can rapidly embrace change or will we run away from it.

What do we want from our careers and in turn from our employers? How can we continue to give value to our role? How can we keep professional even when we aren’t in the office?

Sit tall

Firstly, I would start thinking about your work set up when you work from home. Do you have enough screens to stop you from having crippling back ache? Maybe this is the time to put in a business case to your company or look online for purchasing a screen, Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth keyboard.

Be seen

When it comes to virtual meetings –  do you plan to dial-in in your PJ bottoms and a shirt? Or is it time to feel like a YouTuber by purchasing better lighting (see ‘ring-light’ – Amazon), dressing in comfortable yet professional work-attire and start working on your Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Teams etiquette. What background do you want your clients/colleagues to see in your home – how do you want to keep it professional?

Think outside the box

Maybe this is the time to start thinking how can you still get in front in your clients when you don’t have the conventional methods? – Is it worth holding smaller meetings? Instead of meeting clients for the sake of it what can you send to them? – Maybe a coronavirus safety kit with company branded hand sanitiser?

Either way, instead of seeing this as a negative, this is a great time to differentiate yourself from others in your market.

Provide value

This is the perfect time to showcase what you are capable of! How many times have we sat at work bored asking for projects? Wanted a chance to innovate in the workplace? Or even said “if I owned the business I would…” Well this is your time to prove it. Let’s look at ways to make work great again.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

John Maxwell

Everything we do is a choice so let’s use the coronavirus as a way of getting clear on our career goals, know what we want to be seen as, know what we want to deliver to our clients and get out there and create something different – those who do will thrive (Did anyone see Howard Kennedy’s wine in a can after missing out on meeting clients in Cannes?)

2020 is certainly the year of uncertainty but what we can control is how we show up and deliver every day. Let’s just change how we do that.

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