COVID-19, lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing has resulted in many of us having to change our holiday plans and in some cases being alone over Christmas. So how do we fly solo during a time when we were expecting to be around loved ones?

Here are 4 tips to help you deal with the stresses and strains of being alone over Christmas:

  1. It is ok to not be ok

If you are feeling sad, upset, frustrated, anxious or angry with your Christmas plans being cancelled then know that this is a perfectly normal and natural reaction. There is nothing wrong with you. Give yourself the time, space and permission to feel all these feelings

2. Switch emotional thinking to rational thinking

Reacting to change emotionally is instinctive however it results in us feeling overwhelmed, emotional drained and distressed. Switch your mindset to one that is logical, rational and calmer.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The reason why you are not able to celebrate holidays with your loved ones is because you want to keep them safe, you want to protect them and avoid putting them at risk. The time apart from your loved one is for a worthwhile cause.

3. Focus on the things you CAN control

Currently, there are so many things that we aren’t in control of. We can’t plan ahead; we can’t travel; we can’t visit loved ones; or we can’t be indoors with all our family and friends.

Constantly focusing on the things that we can’t control creates stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Instead change your mindset and think about and focus on the things that you CAN control.

  • You can celebrate Christmas online with your loved one.
  • You can meet others but meet them outdoors.
  • You can postpone celebrations and have something to look forward to.
  • You can enjoy the solitude and make the most of the “me” time.
  • You can appreciate not having to rush around preparing, cooking or hosting.
  • You can use the time to catch up on projects, tasks or activities that you may have been meaning to get around to. 

4. Attitude of Gratitude

This has been a chaotic, challenging and testing time for many. It is easy to start focusing on all that is going wrong, everything that we have missed out on or not been able to do.

However, nothing good is going to come from that. Instead, adopt the attitude of gratitude by being grateful and thankful for the things that you DO have. You are healthy; your loved ones are healthy; you are safe and well; there is food on the table; a roof over your head; and heating to warm up your home. For many, all of these things are far from a reality.

What are you grateful for?