Suzanne Prince is the CEO and founder of the Identity Queen. She makes sure that women get the help so they can find out who they are and then offers support to shape them into their best self. When these people are in their darkest times, she returns them to their true self and helps them feel comfortable in their own skin again.

At only 16 years she decides that it is time to move out of her home to start working on her own terms. She had a hard time, in the beginning, working for just enough money to survive and provide for herself. At the age of 17, she had her first daughter which is a huge responsibility for anyone who is alone and even more for a 17-year-old mother. However, that did not stop Suzanne, she accepted her responsibility and love for her daughter and kept on pushing. Suzanne claims that there were times when everything seemed impossible, but her belief that the business she was running was going to be successful one day was what made her keep on moving. While she was struggling financially, she also had serious health problems. Suzanne had severe chronic pain meaning some days or even weeks she was bedridden.

For the first couple of years, Suzanne was working as a full-time counselor in a doctor’s surgery for free. With the combination of a mother’s responsibility, full-time job and bills she had a very hard time and almost lost her home. Her health was also getting worse and worse the more she worked and decided that she has to make a massive change if she wants her daughter to lead a happy and healthy life. This is when she first founded her company The Identity Queen. Founding this company proved to be the best decision in her life and the success was increasing on a daily basis.

The reason why Suzanne is so successful in helping women out of their dark place is that she has experienced that exact same thing. She was also in a world of constant depression, anxiety and financial issues. At one moment Suzanne Prince felt completely lost and didn’t understand how she fits in the world, but after enough pushing, she managed to climb the pyramid of success. This experience is what helps Suzanne understand what other women are going through and the ability to help them.

Suzanne Prince makes sure that the women she helps have a sense of accomplishment about their identity. Through her coaching programs, she helps them understand that they can be anyone they want, not the person they were told or raised to be. Women need to understand that you should never be scared to become who you really want to be. Suzanne also makes mini-courses that can inspire people to start their self-development journey.

Suzanne believes that by sharing her knowledge and information about this topic is what will boost people’s self-belief and that if you are not in love with yourself, then you should immediately step away from who you are and turn into what you want to be.