Life has its ways of teaching lessons and lessons of life have a way of transforming us into a better person. Life challenges sometimes come to humble us, transfer us or make us appreciate things or people around. No matter how dark things are, I always encourage people to swim with the flow. Challenges of life something to bring out the best in us, when you swim with the flow, you gain experience and it makes you stronger. Never see any ugly situation as your endpoint, always see it as a stepping-stone to a greater height.
Learn to swim with it when it comes around because when you do, you gain a lot of experience from it and it makes you strong.
A lot of people have become genius in various areas of discipline from the difficulty or challenges they pass through. They did not let the challenge weigh them down neither did they run from it. They took it upon themselves that they will fight and see to the end. They believe that the challenges that come their way was not to destroy them, they did not run from it, they faced it, they swim with the flow and in the process, a lot happened to them. They never saw all that happened as an excuse to quit but they were gaining experience. At the end of it all, they came out victorious, became a pro in that area. Now, people look up to them; see them as a consultant because, during the tough times, they swim with the flow.
In life, things don’t just happen, when issues of life come to weigh you down, don’t see it as an issue that has come to destroy you, see a better ending from the beginning. When you have this consciousness within you, it will encourage you to swim with the flow and in swimming with the flow, you become strong, you gain experience that turns you into a genius in that area.
I have learnt to always face challenges when they come, I have learnt to find out the root course and figure out the solutions and have also learnt to follow every process needed to remedy such an issue. In all this, I am gaining knowledge, becoming strong, turning into a better man and have become a better person that offers solutions to people facing such challenge. I gained knowledge from every challenge become I swim with the flow; I become a solution provider for everyone facing such challenges because I did not run from the challenge but rather I swam with the flow.
Things happen for reasons, if you mind the thorn, you wouldn’t get the rose. To become a better person in life, you must pass through challenges, trials, obstacles etc. Never mind the challenges when it comes, be conscious of a great end, swim with the flow. It will not break you but will rather bring out the best in you.
You are strong, you have great potentials, and you can do it and can face any challenge that comes your way.
Don’t give up on it, face it. Swim with it, enjoy every bit of it, and learn from every step. And see yourself emerging a giant at last. Swimming with life issue makes you a better man, a hero and envy of people and a solution provider facing the challenges that you have passed through. Never run from any challenge that comes your way, swim with it. At the end of it, you will be glad you did not run from it but rather you faced it.