Mental health problems are a common issue in the digital world. After a lot of research, the psychologist has identified a few mental health problems and suggested physical activities to tackle them.

However, first, you must understand that every other human being has mental health issues. Being aware of them and working on them is the best thing you can do for yourself.

1.     Walking

It one of the easiest, most affordable and accessible exercises that anyone can do. Research has found that walking helps in making thoughts positive and improves vigilance. Now what is important is that you don’t push your body rather do walking easily, freely and enjoyably. However, if you are someone who has panic attacks then building up pace could be a good option. Psychotherapists also say that this is a helpful tool to tackle depression. 

2.     Gardening

Research says that gardening helps people become empowered and help with issues of low self-esteem. The activity can be done in a garden but if you live in an apartment or studio you can do it indoor. The only replacement would be Led grow lights (available on Bloom Shower) in place of natural sunlight. The work put in gardening will help you in becoming mature and accepting the reality which comprises responsibilities.

3.     Yoga

Do you have a job that puts you under extreme stress that you sometimes even forget breathing? Then yoga is the perfect activity to help you reduce the pressure and stress-induced on your body and mind. Research says that the activity promotes the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (which is a neurotransmitter in the brain. This, in turn, helps in combating stress and other similar health problems. PTSD patients have been always advised to do this in a group and many have said that it has been quite an effective tool for them.

4.     High-intensity exercises

These are not recommended for everyone out there but for people who want to get control over their stress and anxiety. These exercises do make the cortisol level and adrenaline level rise but eventually, the body adapts to them. This exercise is for people who want to have a healthy coping mechanism. People who do this describe it as ” Switching off the little voice in the head and turning the thinking buttons off and focusing on the one thing you set for yourself at that moment. It is a great distraction that helps get the worries in control and once that is off I can make the right decision.”

5.     Smile

Doesn’t it seem like a physical activity does it? But it is and helps people feel a little less of the pain that they are experiencing. It helps to decrease the intensity of pain and also makes an influence on the physical state of a person. So the next time you’re hurt try laughing and it might not pain as much as it did before.

6.     Dancing

It the activity which some people take as expressing while others take it as an expression of letting go. Dancing helps boost confidence and it brings along a sense of freedom which people often carve. This is something you might want to give a shot to.

None of these are prescribed for help dealing with a specific mental problem. Each person has a different way of interpreting the activities above. However, I suggest that everyone should give at least one of these a place in their day because in this digital world it is easy to lose control of reality.