Smartwatch is one of the most pivotal tools nodded by modern people. But when it comes to military, or outdoors, or heavy uses, ones need to consider to switch to tactical Smartwatch V4. the tactical Smartwatch V4 has the incredible features that you can hardly find in the convenient smartwatches.

Here are the qualities which can convince you about the fact that tactical smartwatches are much better than the ordinary smartwatches in the market.

The movement of the watch

In the world of timepiece, we recognize three types of movements called Quarts, mechanical and smart movements. As we know, quartz and mechanical can be prone to impacts and bumps which is why watches with these movements are not recommended for heavy uses or outdoors. Meanwhile, the Smartwatch V4 uses the smart movements. The smart movements are supported by the computing technology which move like the mechanical and quartz movement. it can also withstand the impacts when you are doing your activity out there.


What makes the Smartwatch distinct is the rubber strap which rejects the water and the extreme conditions. Whether you are working in the hot or wet situation, the TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 will be your best companion.

The durability

The TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 is made of Stainless Steel in the body and the carbon. the corning gorilla glass in the screen also makes it as solid and complete device. The durability of the TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 really defines the genuine tactical smartwatches that are meant to be lasting.

When you are looking for military grade smartwatch, you will be expecting the device which can last for a long time in the future. TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 is the best presentation. The good quality TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 is the reason why military and outdoor people pick this smartwatch. But it does not mean that this smartwatch is only exclusive to certain groups of people. Whether you are outdoors lovers or fashion makers, the TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 can’t go wrong for you.

Unlike the conventional smartwatch, the TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 is holding the military-style, influence, and standard. That means it comes with a waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant features.

The stainless steel casing

The rugged military style smartwatch always comes with ample material to build such a solid performance.the stainless steel material is the best for the tactical smartwatch. the Smartwatch V4 has such incredible characteristic which makes it as a perfect choice for outdoor activities and environments.

Cool design

Besides tons of features, the TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 also come with the cool design which is irresistible to enjoy. It is another winning point of the tactical smartwatch. We can find a lot of tactical smartwatches out there in the usual marketplaces but ones with the satisfying factor like this are pretty rare.

Many manufacturers stick with the conservative ways of designing so-called “tactical smartwatch”. meanwhile, many users have another wish. When it comes to the tact watch, it does not mean that it has to be dull or so. Evifone branded Tactical Smartwatch is not like the commoners. There is no reason in pinpointing the bad design if they can do much better.

TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 comes with great design. Its shape will make you stunned and want to wear it on a daily basis, no matter what’s your occasions.

Long battery life

Chances are you have been browsing about the various smartwatches in the market. Most of them have around ten to 48 hours of battery life. Well, for regular users, it is probably enough time for them because they simply spend their time out there and go back home the same day. But this feature is too weak for those who are traveling a lot.

If you are an active person, you will need more than this. The TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 has up to 33 months lifespan. Empowered by the Japan Maxell Battery, it will stay up and running when you are out there without the necessity to charge and recharge. When you are considering to look for the smartwatches that have long battery life, you can’t go wrong with the Tactical Smartwatch V4.


TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 is a perfect buddy for modern users. If you are in need of tactical smartwatches which are sustainable to support your daily activity, then this one’s for you. The military grade quality of the smartwatch is easy to spot. Unlike the conventional smartwatches on the market, Smartwatch V4 gives you more features and functions without sacrificing the fashion statement.