It’s 2021 and most of us are wondering how this year will be different from the last. With all the surprises and challenges faced in 2020, one thing is for sure, fear was at the forefront of our lives. For some, it was the best year ever, becoming innovative and finding new ways to overcome obstacles. Others, were engulfed by fear and lost a lot of their connection to Self.

Take action now!
Ignite your personal power!

Let’s cultivate a mindful practice in 2021 by becoming more aware and ignite our power to face fear head on. By doing so, we will be able to make better choices, reach our goals and grow in the right direction. How do we do this? By running towards our fears and feeling the discomfort. This way we overcome it. We must do the things we have dreamed of but have never tried out of fear. I am doing this now. It is my first time writing a blog and speaking my truth. Sure, I have fear, false assumptions and beliefs in my head saying: “Why are you even writing this?” or “Who cares about what you are saying?”. I invite fear and friends along for the ride. Why? Because I am ready, excited and determined to grow and create my new life through my visions and goals.

Start off with small daily choices. For example, some people find it difficult to wake up early, yet know they will benefit from doing so. It has been proven that early risers are more successful. Why? Because they take time for themselves to meditate, journal, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and plan their day. One small change per day can make a huge difference in weeks to come, months then years! Get uncomfortable and wake up early. This is what taking your power back looks like and is known to produce a better personal outcome. The alternative would be to stay with the comfortable known. Wake up 1 hour before work, shower and get dressed to rush out to get to work on time. Which would you chose?

Every dream starts off small. Is there a dream you have always had deep inside and have been too afraid to try? Fact is, successful people fail several times before they become successful. Whenever we try something new, we may not get it on the first, second or third try. By taking action and being flawless around executing we are committed and devoted. Those who reach their dreams and goals are people who are so committed that there is no turning back for them and failure is not an option.

The greater your dreams, the more challenges you will experience in life. Know this is part of the journey. Fear no problems. Face them head on and with love. Problems are opportunities that arise to teach and help us grow. They evolve us. If you have no problems, you are probably not growing very much.

No matter how much you wish, if you do not commit to a focused action around your dreams, goals and visions, you will not see any results. Face your fears and commit by taking small steps to your greatness. It will not only help you follow your dreams, but it will increase personal confidence and give you more energy as you ignite your power to execute your goals and visions.