For many people, having a cup of tea a day has become an excellent ritual to start the morning with energy. Or in that relaxing time in the afternoon to relax body and mind. Whatever your moment, the benefits of tea go far beyond the sensory experience of enjoying this magnificent millenary drink.

As we have commented on multiple occasions, tea is a great diuretic and one of the best antioxidants, so it helps in the prevention of aging, strengthens bones, promotes cholesterol reduction, protects our heart, and improves our defenses… to mention some of its innumerable benefits. But do you know the relationship between cup of tea by tea Set and our mental health? Below we highlight some of them.

Improves mood

The emotional well – being should be a priority for any of us; more so when the data show realities like this: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in four people will experience some kind of problem-related to mental health at some time in their life.

Mental health affects the way we think, feel and act and how we interact with others. The plants that nature offers us help us improve our mood and bring wellbeing to our bodies. If you are passing through a time of tiredness or sadness, the Tea black Breakfast Eco will help you feel better.

It helps to sleep

The insomnia is a disorder that affects our mind and our body and its incidence is increasing as a result of the frenetic level of life we live today. Thanks to the fact that there are some types of teas that help us relieve tensions and relax, they can also be very useful for falling asleep, something that, in short, is essential for our quality of life.

Improves memory and intellectual capacity

If you are a regular tea, surely you know the many benefits that tea brings. It is suitable to accelerate the metabolism, to reduce the level of blood sugar or to combat free radicals that attack our tissues in order to age them.

However, what is not so well known are the virtues of green tea to take care of our brain and improve many cognitive processes related to attention, memory and even spatial orientation.

Reduce stress

The life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead today can cause us tension, stress, anxiety or physical and mental fatigue. Frequently, we live with these types of conditions that, in the long run, are harmful to physical and mental health. It is possible that it catches your attention, but the effect that L-thiamine has on our neurotransmitters is very beneficial to reduce states of stress and anxiety.

If you like citrus and acidic flavors, be sure to try our organic lemon black tea. Made with lemon peel, lemongrass and natural aromas, lemon is very good to recover from fatigue and lemongrass, it will also help you increase the defenses, essential to cope with these stressful situations and not fall ill.

Natural soothing against depression

Used in natural health to deal with anxiety or depression, Green Ecological Tea is a natural source of minerals, highlighting its content in fluorine, magnesium and calcium. A true revitalizing, ideal to help us recover our physical and mental state. In addition, it is recommended for possible sleep disorders.

Having a cup of tea in the morning can be an excellent ritual to start the day; also, having another cup in the afternoon can comfort you and relax you, but the benefits of tea are not limited to the pleasure of the sensory experience of drinking it. This means that if you like to drink tea regularly you could be reducing the chances of developing conditions such as senile dementia. On the other hand, if you don’t have this habit yet, it’s a good time to make yourself a teapot.


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