You have the idea. From there your imagination takes you to wonderful places as this idea comes to fruition in your head. Then about two seconds later come the thoughts of so called reality and dismissal that this idea, this dream, will never happen. Has this happened to you?

Have you ever surprised yourself in your ability? Have you ever just done the work and not thought about whether it was possible? How many times have you looked back and told yourself, if I knew what that entailed I don’t know if I would have started it or believed I could do it – but thank goodness I just did it!?

Now answer this, imagine you really want to achieve something – and I know you do; how strong is your belief that you can’t achieved it? How many times have you told yourself that it is impossible for me? It’s different for me – my circumstances are different, I can’t do that because….

Sometimes, all you need to do something is just to take that first step. More often than not we see the mountain in front of us whether it be a project we wanted to start, a business we want to build, a physical challenge, etc and we create such a mental barrier, such an emotion of overwhelm that we end up doing nothing at all. 

And you know what? It’s OK, if you don’t do it life will still move on but just imagine what life could be like if you if you had only just started. Just taken that first step. What path could you be on now? How would your life have changed?How COULD it change?

If it’s only your mind telling you you can’t then there is no excuse. The simple truth is you just don’t want to feel uncomfortable. You just don’t want to fail. But if it only takes you getting out of your comfort zone and understanding your resilience to failure; what is stopping you?

Ask yourself today. 
What do you what? (go deep) Do you really want it? What is stopping you? (go deep) What is really stopping you?What is the first step? 

And then….

JUST DO IT! Because you can! 

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