A couple of weeks back I read this quote somewhere, and today I realised it’s true meaning and sense. The quote was, “The most important relationship is the one you have it with yourself.” With so much pressure already on our shoulders, and targets to reach on daily basis, we find ourselves stressing out all day, and in the end, having zero energy left to deal with a little of anything! Somewhere in between all the challenges and obstacles, we lose ourselves. All that we crave for is a little time of our own and some space; to breathe.

There are a few wounds that don’t heal the way we want them to, instead they heal the way they need to. Not every thing can go according to our plan. Not everyone can listen to our problems and show us the correct path. Not everything can be in our hands.

Often after a rough day, and things going bad one after the other, we give up. All of a sudden, we’re being plagued with self-doubt. It just seems all complicated.

What we need is some time and space. Time to sit back and ponder upon the fact that where you are today, is where you dreamed to be. Things might take a different turn unexpectedly, but you need to maintain your cool and think with an open mind; sharp and focused.

This can only happen when we give ourselves the must required ‘break’. A break from work, which had made us a victim of its schedule. A break from the feelings of being rushed, pressed for time, hurried, stressed and overwhelmed.

  • Realise the fact that there is no need to rush.
  • Realise the fact that you are going fine.
  • Realise the fact that you need time.
  • Realise the fact that you need your space.
  • Realise the fact that you will blossom when you take your time and space to think right.