Having a successful business takes more than just having a great idea. Running a business requires discipline and planning, and success can be determined by so many different factors. 

Pushing Everyday  

Relying on discipline alone can be a recipe for failure; it’s too risky. There is a struggle to act without a structure in place, thus creating routine and sticking to it is the only way to ensure that everything gets done.  It takes structure and planning to stay consistent.  Consistency is imperative for success.  It’s important to stick to a rigorous routine. 

“Don’t rely on discipline alone; I rely on structure, systems, and routines.”

Mr Jay Jackson
The Galaxy Group

Challenge Yourself

Growth cannot happen without being challenged.  To grow as a leader and to grow your business, you need to be continuously learning.  If you don’t place yourself in challenging situations, you’re rejecting the opportunity to grow.  Don’t become complacent.  You won’t reach great results by playing it safe. Each victory you attain in your challenges will also grow your confidence, and the more confident you become, the greater you will find your self-worth.  This self-image is important to reach the highest levels of success.

“Every problem is a gift—without problems, we would not grow.”

Anthony Robbins

Don’t Settle

If you raise your personal standards, you will push yourself harder. If you believe you deserve more, you won’t accept less.  As you continue to challenge yourself, your standards should be increasing with each challenge you face.  This mentality should never stop.  Always strive for more, and don’t allow contentment. Don’t let yourself become complacent.  Complacency breeds stagnancy.

“Your goals should never be so small that you feel you’ve arrived at the finish.”

Dr. Gregory Stowe
Spine Health and Wellness

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Having a support system is a very important tool to encourage you to stick to your routines.  You need structure and community to hold you accountable. When you have people to hold you accountable, your likelihood of completing the task or sticking to routine increases greatly.  Having people to report to and having a network of people to access and check in with, will help you stay focused and intentional with your actions.

“There’s the element of accountability that helps sustain motivation that otherwise might dwindle without someone there to check in with you.”

Erika Schlick
The Trail to Health

Don’t Be Paralyzed By Fear

Don’t get stuck in your own head, take action.  Action drives out negative thoughts.  As long as you start, you can overcome that voice.  Train yourself to fight back against those voices that plant seeds of doubt and fear. Repeat words of encouragement until they manifest into reality. Thoughts are powerful, so make them work for you, not against you.

“Fear can stop the best thought out plans. We get stuck in decision paralysis and then self-doubt.”

Scott Bartnick
The Five Day Startup

Progress Beats Perfection

If you overthink and over-plan, no action is taking place.  Even if you’re only making small steps to move forward, you’re at least moving forward.  Don’t be afraid of the moving parts.  Once you start acting, things will start falling into place, and you’ll know what next steps to take.

“Looking back, this is always what I was meant to do. As long as you keep at it, it’s what you were meant to do, too.”

Scott Mann

Create A Vision

Leaders need to inspire people to take action.  Success isn’t guaranteed, but taking no action does guarantee failure. To inspire action to your team, you need to share your vision of success.  Find your vision of your future and who you want to become and understand why.  If you have a clear vision, you’ll be able to guide people in the direction you want to go.

“I don’t want to be a millionaire and see my employees struggle. They’re going to treat the business like their own.”

Nancy Rosales
Pepito’s Paletas

Accept Feedback

The ability to hear criticism and analyze it will help you grow.  Don’t allow negative feedback to be negative, just look at it as feedback.  Take what people are saying and use it as a tool to overcome a weakness you might have.  Look at criticism as an opportunity to grow.

“I let critiques drive me to understand where I can improve. I look at them as challenges to push me out of my comfort zone, and they’ll often bring me to finding a new and exciting approach.”

James Hand
JHand Photography

Utilizing all of these tools will help you continue to take action and grow your business. Don’t let the fear of mistakes or failure prevent you from moving forward. Fight complacency and see your worth. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.