Born in California but raised everywhere, Jovan Wallace AKA GHOST is the president and founder of AllMasterMinds which has more than six years of experience in managing various artists. 

Although he considers himself as no different from others, it is his knowledge and experience that sets him apart from other entrepreneurs in the industry. Because of what he has, Jovan was able to change the way he thinks and eventually perform better in his career.

“Doing that changed my view, my actions, which lead to the change of income and best of all the environment,” he said.

Looking For Another Way 

When facing challenges, Jovan isn’t one to shy away from the problem. He pursues his initial goal but has another approach than stepping back when he sees a roadblock impeding him on his path to success. 

“I wouldn’t say things are obstacles, I just keep pushing and keep going. If something is preventing me from going through, I take it as I have to go another way. It doesn’t mean I have to back up,” he said.

Working For Love 

Being a president and founder of a management agency can be stressful at times and requires a lot of Jovan’s time, energy, and efforts. So what keeps him going? Simple: love. 

Jovan’s career is more than just a title to him. With the position he now holds, he gets to do what he loves the most and that is putting smiles on people’s faces by pushing them to maximize their talents and create quality content that audiences will enjoy. 

“Love can never get burnt out,” he said. 

Helping Others Grow 

Now with his management agency, Jovan is also working to change the mindset of others that he works with. His career started by managing different aspiring models and promoting club events. He later transitioned to handling artists such as Amala and NFL Nique. 

And since the music industry continues to grow with new artists emerging everyday and looking to make a name for themselves, Jovan is ready to help them achieve their goals. But he first stresses the importance of two things: 

“Start with Protecting your work and your name. After that, understand and learn sound–not just music understand the sound behind the music,” he said. 

Jovan is also a silent Investor in a few other businesses involved in fitness wear, clothing, transportation, personal protection detail, clubs, and more. 

Through his agency, Jovan has helped many artists and businesses flourish. And he did it the same way that he found success within himself–by changing their mindsets.