I Breathe Life Into Holding a Vision of Sovereignty, Creativity and Dignity for Myself

By ENOLIA, Author, International Speaker, Modern Day Medicine Woman

I breathe life into holding a vision of sovereignty, creativity and dignity for myself.
By ENOLIA, Author, International Speaker, Modern Day Medicine Woman

Each of us has a life purpose.  Our presence is significant to humanity and to each other.  Walking this path to realization as individuals and as a culture; our pain, trauma and even our worst nightmares are showing up at every level. Our knowledge of these challenges is more accentuated with technology.  Where communication connects us around the world in hours, everything is heightened and revealed. The capturing of opinions, public and private moments, activism – the list going on and on, taking us on a rollercoaster of emotional states as information is receive.  Confrontation and consistent bombardment of public spectacles have resulted in fear, anger and sometimes rage.

Am I stuck on the ride?

Anger, like any other emotional state is multi-tiered.  The irritation of unexpected change catches us off guard.  Maybe it impacts our day, our routine or even our view of someone. At this level, we accept what has occurred with resolve in hand and are able to come back to balance.  We understand that things are subject to change and accept it.  

Sometimes there is anger that takes us off center. Choices to hold grudges, take revenge or get back at others to pass on the pain we felt are presented.  We may push people out of our lives from fear or resentment or choose to live incensed for years or even a life time. On occasion we decide to bypass resolution or waste years before we find the tenacity or spiritual practice to rectify our fury.

Then there is the erupting volcanic anger.  This is the most dangerous because you are stuck. You cannot move past the account even with a spiritual practice. Blind rage occurs because your belief system or values have been violated.  Paralysis takes place where we are unable to function physically and mentally with the cause seemingly insurmountable.  Hopelessness settles in devastating our will. We lack the ability to move forward blaming everyone else. A “veil” covers our eyes as we see through bitter resentment. What do you gain remaining in this emotional state? 

Is this serving me?

In order to move through any type of emotion, step out its reactionary state.  What does this mean? Instead of embodying the physical state of emotion, step out it.  Look at the situation as an observer to see past the “feelings” of it.  

How does this insight help?

Stepping out of our extreme emotions brings clarity. Extreme emotional states are not only distracting, they can make us physically ill.  Transparency allows us to; face the change, to understand the origin of negative triggers and why we may have moved in the direction of anger. Most importantly, it helps to reveal our inner truth. This is how we heal.  When we are lucid, we learn lessons, understand our inner trigger points and move forward to embody the gifts of wisdom that are sometimes hidden in plain sight.

When we engage in introspection, we can then ask ourselves the hardest questions. How do I choose to pick myself up? How can the encounter make me stronger and smarter?  What lessons can be learned to move forward? Look at the culmination of experiences with the intention to self-improve. Our experiences can make us stronger, more courageous and powerful if we let them. 

What have I learned?

Life always unfolds with consistent change.  To transform how we interpret the world around us, is the greatest journey life offers. We adapt to operate in life and in doing so, we redefine the support of a greater system called reality.  

We have reached the point where everything about our system is fractured – environmentally, economically, socially and morally. In creating a new home, we survive what life brings with the goal of maintaining a since of balance as an individual and as humanity. In the end, life is a return to holism.  The universal laws have always maintained we each have a decision to make; is this world going to break me or do I become whole. No matter what you have to do, if it has a shattering impact, don’t say it, don’t do it and don’t be it. The goal is to be a whole and balanced person in every aspect. 

What is the personal responsibility you owe to yourself?

Breathe life into holding a beautiful vision of sovereignty, creativity and the dignity that has always existed. This is where it begins. By taking personal responsibility for my own actions, emotional state and personal development; I enable myself to move forward through life no matter what it brings.  When I learn how to pull apart my inner anger having an honest look within, it is no longer paralyzing nor does it have control over me. I owe it to myself to take responsibility for who I am, how I develop and how I choose to move forward. It is declaring sovereignty over myself in body, mind and spirit.

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